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Tony LeMoignan won the Chairman's Salver (2nd Eight)

[<<] [>>] by Samir Patel at Sidmouth
10th September 2007 (AC - Championships)

1= Evans 9
1= Patel 9
1= LeMoignan 9
4. Dawson 8
5. Goacher 7
6= Tudor 6
6= Lines 6
8. Magee 2


LeMoignan draw the bye through to the final.

Evans v Patel

  1. U (Evans) supershot
  2. Y lags to middle
  3. K to middle of E
  4. R hits, mis-approached 2
  5. K fails 1
  6. R to 4b, pop on K, NSL
  7. K hits from III, notices pop before it's too late, goes to 4b with 1 pop (failed tea lady leave)
  8. Y missed badly from III
  9. U finishes

Evans +16tp

LeMoignan v Evans

  1. K (LeMoignan) to max distance on E
  2. Y shoots from just outside III; hits, fails to approach 1, retreats to Peg high on E, K 4y W of peg.
  3. U hits Y from III, narrowly misses peg rolling to K; goes to 4b with rough agressive leave (offering 15yd double from B-baulk)
  4. R misses
  5. K finishes

LeMoignan +26tp

Lawn Speeds

At 1430 on Day 1, lawns 1 and 2 were playing at 12 seconds; lawn 3 and 4 at 14 seconds.

Lawns 1 and 2 were cut before play started on Day 2 and were playing at 12 seconds first thing.

All slower on day 3; but not timed.

Day 4 was overcast and cooler, which took the edge off the speeds; around 10.5 seconds at 1630.


David Magee has located the Sidmouth nightclub.

The groundsman thinks that the reaction of player with the belt was quite entertaining after he'd played a bad shot.

No-one completed a TP against Tony.

13/14 games on Lawn 2 included TPs; by contrast, lawns 3 and 4 only had 4 and 3 respectively.

Jeff Dawson won 8 of his last 10 games, having started with 4 losses on day 1.

30 tps or better from 56 games.


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