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Jamie Burch won The Solomon Cup

[<<] [>>] by John Low at Sussex County Croquet Club
22-23 September 2007 (AC)

Richard Smith beat Peter Thompson +10
Alan Cottle beat Dick Knapp +14
Roger Tribe beat John Low +15
Bill Arliss beat James Field +12
James Burch beat Ben Ashwell +12tpo
John Taylor beat Mary Knapp +17
Nick Harris beat Paul Castell +26
Richard Smith beat Alan Cottle +7
Roger Tribe beat Bill Arliss +19
Jon Watson beat David Mooney +26
Mark Fawcett beat Janet Overell +16
Rod Ashwell beat Jerry Guest +4

Roger Tribe beat Jon Watson +15
James Burch beat John Taylor +26tp
Nick Harris beat Richard Smith +5
Mark Fawcett beat Rod Ashwell +15

James Burch beat Nick Harris +5
Mark Fawcett beat Roger Tribe +4

James Burch beat Mark Fawcett +26


Jerry Guest won the plate:

Nick Harris beat David Mooney+13
Jon Watson beat Mary Knapp +7
James Burch beat Paul Castell +25
Jerry Guest beat Ben Ashwell +7
Rod Ashwell beat Mark Fawcett +12
Janet Overell beat John Taylor +2
Nick Harris beat Roger Tribe +6
Dick Knapp beat Peter Thompson +20
James Field beat John Low +13
Dick Knapp beat James Field +12
Alan Cottle beat Bill Arliss +16
Jerry Guest beat Janet Overell +18
Ben Ashwell beat Mary Knapp +12
Paul Castell beat Peter Thompson +20tp
John Low beat David Mooney +17
Dick Knapp beat Richard Smith +22
Alan Cottle beat Rod Ashwell +21
Jerry Guest beat Jon Watson +16tpo
Ben Ashwell beat John Taylor +12
James Field beat Janet Overell +12
Bill Arliss beat Mary Knapp +18
Peter Thompson beat David Mooney +10
Jerry Guest beat Dick Knapp +17
Jon Watson beat Alan Cottle +4
Rod Ashwell beat Richard Smith +13
Mary Knapp beat David Mooney +9
Ben Ashwell beat James Field +3tpo
Bill Arliss beat John Taylor +5
Peter Thompson beat Janet Overell +7


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