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Reg wins the Men's and Creina the Women's Championships

[<<] [>>] by Chris Williams at Cheltenham
10th June 2001 (AC - Championships)

Robert Fulford and Reg Bamford had a good battle which Reg won 3-2.

This is the first championship in memory where the Men's final finished after the women's - Creina Dawson beat Gail Curry 2-0 before lunch.

The mixed doubles championship was taken by Gail Curry and James Death, who beat Jenny Williams and Keith Aiton in the closely contested final.

Round 1

Fulford beat Farthing +26tp, +3
Wilkins beat Jenkins +13, +4
Kibble beat Magee +25tp, +12
Cordingley beat Hort -9, +25, +2otp
Aiton beat Gaunt +5, -20, +24tp
Jackson v John Davis +26tp, -1, +23
Mulliner beat Neal +13tp, +18
Harrison-Wood beat C Williams +17, +7
Goacher beat Dyer +17, -4, +16
Shane Davis beat Tudor +22, +2
Avery beat Gregory +20, +18
Death beat Gibbons +14, +15
O'Connell beat Hallam +9, +7
Bamford beat Smith +25tp, +21tp

Round 2

Fulford beat Wilkins +26tp, +26tp
Kibble beat Cordingley +16, +20tp
Tony Hall beat Trevor Bassett +11, -21, +26
Jackson beat Aiton +6, +26tp
Mulliner beat Harrison-Wood +3tp, +26tp
Goacher beat S Davis +2, -26tp, +26tp
Avery beat Death +14tp, +9
Bamford beat O'Connell +26tp, +24tp

Quarter Finals

Fulford beat Kibble +25, +22tp
Jackson beat Hall +26tp, +14
Mulliner beat Goacher +26tp, -26tp, +18tp
Bamford beat Avery -14, +17tp, +17tp

Semi Finals

Fulford beat Jackson +3otp, -26tp, +26tp, +26tp
Bamford beat Mulliner +3, -1, +15, +26tp


Bamford beat Fulford +3, -8tp, +8, -20tp, +17qnp

Women's Championship

Curry beat Jenny Williams +24, +14
Ransom beat Stenhouse -4, +5, +1T
Gugan beat Bradforth +17, -17, +3
Magee beat Symonds +11, +2

Round 2

Curry beat Ransom +12, +9
McGlen beat Healy +18, -4, 3
Gugan beat Magee +7, +3
C Dawson beat Thursfield +13, +26

Semi Finals

Curry beat McGlen +6, -4, +21
Dawson beat Gugan +26, -10, +14


Dawson beat Curry +9, +25


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