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Tim King won the 8th Lancashire Intenational Open Golf Croquet Tournament

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pictureBury club president David Barrett presents the Lancashire Open Golf Croquet trophy to Tim King

by Geoff Young
19th April 2008 (GC)

The 8th Lancashire International Open Golf Tournament was hosted by Bury CC on April 12-13 at Heaton Park. Twenty contenders spent the Saturday in two blocks of ten, in a format giving each 8 games. Block A was won by Ian lines with seven wins, Brian Storey and John Moore winning six and the fourth qualifier on who-beat-who from a three-way tie on five being Freda Vitty. In Block B four six-game winners were similarly put into the sequence Chris Sheen, Samantha Curry, David Openshaw and Tim King.

This meant that in the KO phase on Sunday Ian and Tim met in a quarter-final. Overnight weather had delayed the start so they were put on the first playable lawn, 50 yards from the pavilion, so the disappointed crowd had a poor view. The other three lawns trickled in later, so the average time loss was about an hour. The weather then cleared and progress was steady, the final fittingly being the last game to finish (just before six) with Tim beating Chris 6-7 7-4 7-4. The 12 non-qualifiers played a round robin of doubles won by Dave Turner and Fergus Thompson.

Full Results

Block A

Freda Vitty beat Fergus Thompson 7-6
John Moore beat Brian Storey 7-6
Robert Dodds beat David Barrett 7-6
Derek Old beat Ian Lines 7-4

Lines beat Barrett 7-3
Moore beat Dodds 7-5
Storey beat Eileen Buxton 7-2
Vitty beat Richard Thompson 7-4

R Thompson bt Storey 7-4
Dodds bt E Buxton 7-5
Moore bt F Thomson 7-5
Old bt Barrett 7-4

Old bt Moore 7-3
E Buxton bt F Thompson 7-2
Lines bt Dodds 7-6
Storey bt Vitty 7-6

Vitty bt Dodds 7-1
Lines bt F Thompson 7-4
R Thompson bt E Buxton 7-2
Moore bt Barrett 7-5

Barrett bt E Buxton 7-3
Lines bt R Thompson 7-5
F Thompson bt Old 7-6
Storey bt Dodds 7-5

Storey bt F Thompson 7-4
Old bt R thompson 7-6
Lines bt Vitty 7-4
Moore bt E Buxton 7-3

Lines bt Moore 7-6
Vitty bt Old 7-6
R Thompson bt Barrett 7-4
F Thompson bt Dodds 7-5

R Thompson bt Dodds 7-4
Vitty bt Barrett 7-6
Storey bt Old 7-1
Lines bt E Buxton 7-3

Old bt E Buxton 7-3
Storey bt Barrett 7-4
Moore bt Vitty 7-3
R Thompson bt F Thompson 7-5

Block B

Alan Mayne bt David Turner 7-6
Tim King bt Chris Sheen 7-1
Samantha Curry bt Ros Pimlott 7-3
Derek Buxton bt Jane Pringle 7-4

Pringle bt Patricia Duke-Cox 7-3
Curry bt David Openshaw 7-5
King bt Turner 7-3
Mayne bt D Buxton 7-5

D Buxton bt Pimlott 7-6
Sheen bt Turner 7-4
Openshaw bt Pringle 7-5
Duke-Cox bt Mayne 7-6

King bt Mayne 7-5
Curry bt Pringle 7-1
D Buxton bt Sheen 7-4
Duke-Cox bt Pringle 7-3

Openshaw bt Duke-Cox 7-5
D Buxton bt Turner 7-3
Curry bt Mayne 7-3
King bt Pimlott 7-5

Sheen bt Pimlott 7-2
Mayne bt Pringle 7-4
Turner bt Duke-Cox 7-4
Openshaw bt King 7-1

Curry bt King 7-3
Duke-Cox bt D Buxton 7-4
Pringle bt Pimlott 7-2
Sheen bt Openshaw 7-6

Openshaw bt Turner 7-4
Mayne bt Pimlott 7-6
King bt D Buxton 7-3
Sheen bt Curry 7-2

Sheen bt Pringle 7-6
King bt Duke-Cox 7-4
Openshaw bt Mayne 7-5
Turner bt Curry 7-4

Curry bt D Buxton 7-5
Openshaw bt Pimlott 7-6
Sheen bt Duke-Cox 7-6
Turner bt Pringle 7-5


Lines bt King 7-5
King bt Lines 7-2
King bt Lines 7-4

Moore bt Openshaw 7-4
Openshaw bt Moore 7-2
Moore bt Openshaw 7-6

Storey bt Curry 7-5
Storey bt Curry 7-6

Sheen bt Vitty 7-5
Vitty bt Sheen 7-6
Sheen bt Vitty 7-5


King bt Storey 7-4
King bt Storey 7-6

Sheen bt Moore 7-3
Moore bt Sheen 7-2
Sheen bt Moore 7-1


Sheen bt King 7-6
King bt Sheen 7-4
King bt Sheen 7-4


Storey bt Moore 7-2
Moore bt Storey 7-3
Storey bt Moore 7-2


Curry bt Lines 7-6
Lines bt Curry 7-6
Lines bt Curry 7-5

Openshaw bt Vitty 10-7


Lines bt Openshaw 7-5
Openshaw bt Lines 7-5
Lines bt Openshaw 7-5


Curry bt Vitty 10-9


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