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Taking the Bisque returns

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24th April 2008 (Other News)

I thought some of you might be interested to know that 'Taking the Bisque', the somewhat irreverent croquet magazine first published on April fools' day 1992, and put into hibernation Christmas 1996, has woken up and now has a new lease of life on the internet as a blog

'Daisy Root' has been fighting for some space in another publication - something called the Gazette - but maybe that would be a step just too far, so she has found a little broom cupboard in cyberspace to play with. No need for anyone to subscribe, yes all for free. Not even going to hassle anyone for contributions - never thought you would ever hear me say that, but if you feel the need then you know where to send them. Please feel free to publish, or share the blog address with anyone except solicitors. Comments are always welcome - good, bad or indifferent - we take them all.

Not sure where it will go, what it will contain, how many laughs it will get or not, or how long it will run for, but it will keep me amused as the Guinness is chilling and I can't get out to play.


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