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Ros Pimlott won the 2008 Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Abdul Ahmad at Pendle
28th April 2008 (GC)

The East wind gave Pendle a distinctly wintry and cold feel this weekend. The players came attired in multi-layers of clothes to keep the chill out. They looked more like spacemen than croquet players in their bulging wind proofs. The conditions didn't deter them from finishing a heavy schedule. They all deserved a medal for braving the elements.

Ros Pimlott from Bowdon won the main event. She beat Pendle's flu ridden Barbara Dutton in the final. David Harkness (Ilkley/Pendle) and Mary Warren (Southport) walked away with the consolation doubles event.

Main Event Singles Results

Block 1

1st Ros Pimlott 5/6 beat Barbara Dutton 7/4; Bob Flemington 7/6; Hugh Armitage 7/4; Mary Warren; 7/3
2nd Barbara Dutton 4/6 beat Meriel Harkness 7/2; Bob Flemington 7/6; Mary Warren 7/4; Hugh Armitage 7/3
3rd Bob Flemington 4/6 beat Meriel Harkness 7/6; Hugh Armitage 6/4t; Mary Warren 6/4t
4th Geoff Whitaker 3/6 beat Mary Warren 7/2; Hugh Armitage 7/5; Meriel Harkness 7/4; Bob Flemington 4/3t
5th Hugh Armitage 2/6 beat Mary Warren 7/4; Meriel Harkness 7/2
6th Mary Warren 1/6 beat Meriel Harkness 7/0; Meriel Harkness 7/2
7th Meriel Harkness 0/6

Games between Barbara Dutton & Geoff Whitaker; Ros Pimlott & Geoff Whitaker were unresloved.

Ros Pimlott; Barbara Dutton; Bob Flemington and Geoff Whitaker qualified for the knock-out stages.

Block 2

1st Eileen Buxton 6/7 beat Patricia Kelly 7/1; Dawn Speer 7/1; Maureen Whitaker 7/5; Jean Nolan 7/1; Walter Flattery 7/6; Ken Pimlott 7/4
2nd Walter Flattery 5/7 beat Jean Nolan 7/6; Ken Pimlott 7/3; Dawn Speer 7/6; Patricia Kelly 7/5; Maureen Whitaker 7/5
3rd Maureen Whitaker 4/7 beat Dawn Speer 7/3; Patricia Kelly 7/3; David Harkness 7/6; Ken Pimlott 7/5
4th David Harkness 4/7 beat Walter Flattery 7/3; Eileen Buxton 7/6; Patricia Kelly 7/1; Dawn Speer 7/4
5th Ken Pimlott 4/7 beat David Harkness 7/4; Jean Nolan 5/4t; Patricia Kelly 7/2; Dawn Speer 7/2
6th Jean Nolan 4/7 beat David Harkness 6/5t; Maureen Whitaker 5/4t; Dawn Speer 7/5; Patricia Kelly 7/5
7th Dawn Speer 1/7 beat Patricia Kelly 7/4
8th Patricia Kelly 0/7

Eileen Buxton, Walter Flattery, Maureen Whitaker and David Harkness qualified for the knock-out stages.

Main Event Knockout


Ros Pimlott beat David Harkness 10/7
Walter Flattery beat Bob Flemington 10/6
Barbara Dutton beat Maureen Whitaker 10/8
Eileen Buxton beat Geoff Whitaker 10/8


Ros Pimlott beat Walter Flattery 7/6; 7/4
Barbara Dutton beat Eileen Buxton 7/6; 2/7; 7/6 Finals


Ros Pimlott beat Barbara Dutton 7/4; 7/3

3/4th Place Play-Off

Eileen Buxton beat Walter Flattery 10/8

Consolation Doubles Event Results

1st David Harkness & Mary Warren 4/5
2nd Meriel Harkness & Derek Buxton 3/5
3rd Jean Nolan & Maureen Whitaker 3/5
4th Hugh Armitage & Ken Pimlott 2/5
5th Patricia Kelly & Geoff Whitaker 2/5
6th Dawn Speer & Bob Flemington 1/5


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