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Rutger Bejiderwellen won the Sussex Open Golf Croquet Championship

[<<] [>>] by John Low at Sussex County Croquet Club
29 Jun 2008 (GC - Championships)

Rutger Bejiderwellen beat Alan Cottle 2-1 to win the Sussex Golf Croquet Championship.


Jackson Carole beat Beijderwellen Rutger 10-6
Arliss Bill beat Webb Margaret 10-8
Gaitley Daphne beat Gaitley David 10-6
Thompson Richard beat Hopkins David 10-9
Beck Don beat Old Derek 10-5
Brooks Richard beat Isaacs Jonathan 10-6
Hamilton Mark beat Cottle Alan 10-7
Webb Keith beat Russell Stella 10-9
Hamilton Mark beat Gaitley Daphne 10-9
Hopkins David beat Brooks Richard 10-2
Jackson Carole beat Arliss Bill 10-9
Cottle Alan beat Old Derek 10-7
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Thompson Richard 10-3
Gaitley David beat Russell Stella 10-7
Webb Margaret beat Isaacs Jonathan 10-7
Webb Keith beat Beck Don 10-2
Thompson Richard beat Brooks Richard 10-8
Old Derek beat Webb Keith 10-6
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Arliss Bill 10-8
Cottle Alan beat Gaitley Daphne 10-6
Hopkins David beat Webb Margaret 10-2
Hamilton Mark beat Russell Stella 10-5
Jackson Carole beat Isaacs Jonathan 10-6
Beck Don beat Gaitley David 10-5
Cottle Alan beat Webb Keith 10-4
Arliss Bill beat Isaacs Jonathan 10-5
Hamilton Mark beat Beck Don 10-8
Gaitley Daphne beat Russell Stella 10-2
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Brooks Richard 10-4
Thompson Richard beat Webb Margaret 10-6
Hopkins David beat Jackson Carole 10-9
Old Derek beat Gaitley David 10-6
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Isaacs Jonathan 10-3
Gaitley David beat Webb Keith 10-8
Jackson Carole beat Thompson Richard 10-4
Beck Don beat Gaitley Daphne 10-5
Webb Margaret beat Brooks Richard 10-6
Old Derek beat Hamilton Mark 10-7
Hopkins David beat Arliss Bill 10-9
Cottle Alan beat Russell Stella 10-9
Hopkins David beat Isaacs Jonathan 10-9
Jackson Carole beat Brooks Richard 10-7
Cottle Alan beat Gaitley David 10-5
Hamilton Mark beat Webb Keith 10-9
Thompson Richard beat Arliss Bill 10-9
Beck Don beat Russell Stella 10-5
Old Derek beat Gaitley Daphne 10-9
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Webb Margaret 10-3
Cottle Alan beat Beck Don 10-7
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Hopkins David 10-2
Old Derek beat Russell Stella 10-2
Isaacs Jonathan beat Thompson Richard 8-7
Hamilton Mark beat Gaitley David 10-7
Jackson Carole beat Webb Margaret 10-4
Webb Keith beat Gaitley Daphne 10-9
Brooks Richard beat Arliss Bill 10-7


Jackson Carole beat Beck Don 10-2
Cottle Alan beat Hopkins David 10-8
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Old Derek 10-2
Hamilton Mark beat Thompson Richard 10-9


Jackson Carole beat Cottle Alan 7-5
Cottle Alan beat Jackson Carole 7-4
Cottle Alan beat Jackson Carole 7-4
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Hamilton Mark 7-1
Hamilton Mark beat Beijderwellen Rutger 7-6
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Hamilton Mark 7-5


Cottle Alan beat Beijderwellen Rutger 7-6
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Cottle Alan 7-2
Beijderwellen Rutger beat Cottle Alan 7-3

Eliminated Playoffs From KO

Arliss Bill beat Russell Stella 10-8
Gaitley Daphne beat Webb Margaret 10-4
Brooks Richard beat Gaitley David 10-5
Isaacs Jonathan beat Webb Keith 10-5
Hopkins David beat Beck Don 7-4
Thompson Richard beat Old Derek 10-7
Arliss Bill beat Gaitley Daphne 10-7
Isaacs Jonathan beat Brooks Richard 10-9
Russell Stella beat Webb Margaret 10-8
Webb Keith beat Gaitley David 10-7
Arliss Bill beat Isaacs Jonathan 10-6
Webb Keith beat Russell Stella 7-6
Gaitley Daphne beat Brooks Richard 10-9
Gaitley David beat Webb Margaret 7-4


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