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Ireland won the Home Internationals

[<<] [>>] by Ian Burridge at Carrickmines
19th June 2001 (International)

Ireland 3 wins
England 2 wins
Wales 1 win
Scotland 0 wins

England beat Wales 4.5-0.5

Maugham beat Burridge +22TP +25
Clarke beat Williams -26TP +20 +16
Cordingley beat Mrozinski +10 +3
Kibble drew with Prichard -3 +25
Foulser beat Tudor -8 +15 +15

Ireland beat Scotland 5-0

Cunningham beat Bond +17 +16TP
M. McInerney beat Patmore +16 -4 +2
R. McInerney beat Magee +25TP +26
A. McInerney beat Kirby +3 +23
Williams beat Appleton +22 +13

England beat Scotland 3-2

Maugham lost to Bond -26TP +4 +2
Clarke beat Patmore +26TP +13TP
Cordingley lost to Magee -24TP +16 +14
Kibble beat Kirby +5 +22TP
Foulser beat Appleton +26 +22

Ireland beat Wales 4.5 - 0.5

Cunningham beat Burridge -3 +24 +26TP
M. McInerney beat Williams +25 +25TP
R. McInerney beat Mrozinski +23TP +17
A. McInerney drew with Prichard +14 -11
Williams beat Tudor +9 +6

Ireland beat England 3-2

Cunningham lost to Maugham +9TPO +14
M. McInerney beat Clarke +13 +18TP
R. McInerney beat Cordingley -23 +26TP +7TP
A. McInerney lost to Kibble +9 -3 +26TP
Williams beat Foulser +5 -11 +6

Wales beat Scotland 3-2

Burridge lost to Bond +2 -22 +9
Williams beat Patmore +17 -6TP +16
Mrozinski beat Magee -15 +25 +3
Prichard lost to Kirby +7 +3
Tudor beat Appleton +17 +26

Report - By Dave Kibble

The England Ireland was the
last match to be played and was the championship decider - Clarke lost, and
Cordingley lost so England were looking for three wins out of three to go to 3-2.

Dave Maugham won his 2-0, Dave Kibble was 1-1 at lunch and won with a 6th turn 26tp shortly
afterwards so all the attention and pressure switched to Dave Foulser, already 1-1 with Simon Williams and the decider well advanced, each players having made mistakes to let the other make a break.

Dave had a ball round to
peg with partner for 3-back, having tried the 3-back peel three times but the Dawson balls defeated him. He had constructed a decent leave but missed a
2 foot roquet on partner near Rover giving
everything to his opponent who started a triple (to much Irish cheering) to
take the match and championship.

However, Williams became hampered after 2-back and
missed Foulser's 3-back ball into A-bulk, leaving balls at 3-back and 4-back
with a 3.5yd roquet or lift next to the ball for Foulser to run a laid break to win the match and championship.
Foulser, feeling the pressure, forgot the lift and dribbled at the 3.5 yd shot missing by several inches.
Williams finished
to a roaring cheer from the home crowd.

The Irish made all of the teams very welcome and a great time was had by all.

The new Dawson balls are much
closer to the Barlows, in wide use in England, than the old Dawsons were to Jaques.
The strangest effects seem to come with take-offs: Chris Clarke is convinced he got a 95 degree
take-off (hitting into the croquet ball); sometimes the ball flies off and sometimes it dies.
Pull is still much greater and less predictable then the English are used to and rushing is
more difficult - cut rushes from more than a foot are very unpredictable. The lawns were quite heavy but flat with tight firm hoops.


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