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Pendle & Craven beat Nottingham 4-3

[<<] [>>] by John Filsak at Nottingham
26 Jul 2008 (AC - Mary Rose)

It was a beautiful summer's day at Nottingham, with the lawns
turning nicely brown in patches; a good day for croquet.

Nottingham: Richard Huxley (1), Martin Beacon (4), Michael Finnegan
(6), Bob Thompson (11)
Pendle: Robert Essler (2), Peter Wilson (2.5), John Filsak (2.5), Liz Wilson (3)

On lawn 2, Liz and John did just enough to beat their opponents. And
on lawn 1 the doubles match was actually completed before lunch.
2-1 to Pendle.

In the afternoon on lawn 2 Michael played the game of his life to beat
John +20, and Bob put up a good show before succumbing to Liz. So it
was all down to the games on lawn 1, which were still going on after
business closed on 2.

Richard was doing well against Robert, until he played a stop shot in
which his mallet stopped too soon, before hitting the ball. This let
Robert in for a win. In the other game Martin failed to complete the
peg-out, leaving his peg ball v Peter's 3 and 4-back. Peter caught up
bit by bit, with Martin getting plenty of shots at the peg or oppo's
balls, with no success. Eventually, after about an hour of this, Peter
needed only to run rover, but clanged it, giving Martin an easy hit
for the game.

Full results, Pendle names first.

Robert Essler and Peter Wilson lost to Richard Huxley and Martin Beacon -14
Liz Wilson beat Michael Finnegan +11
John Filsak beat Bob Thompson +10

Robert Essler beat Richard Huxley +17
Peter Wilson lost to Martin Beacon -3
John Filsak lost to Michael Finnegan -20
Liz Wilson beat Bob Thompson +16


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