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1970's croquet photos!

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20th June 2001 (Other News)

I have put some photographs from the 1970s on the web.

How many can you name? Most are well known, some are fairly obscure. I would expect Wil Prichard and Martin Murray to do pretty well and would expect 100% from Paul Hands.

scroll down for answers....


Apologies for any spelling mistakes and I am afraid I do not know who is sitting with Maurice Reckitt and number 28's surname but I expect PH does.

Some of the more obscure photos

Number 9 - Bomber Shakleton rose to fame when she was beaten in less than half an hour by Paul Hands. (Having taken all of her 21 bisques)

Number 17 - Dagma Kitchen, Bombers friend, features in another PH fable. It might be considered invidious to post it here.

Number 7 - Billy, was the Prichard's Jack Russell who I believe only went on the lawn at the end of a Prichard game

If you would like more info or copies please mail me

1. Dennis Bullock 2. Edith Arkell 3. Pat Asa-Thomas 4. Nigel Aspinall & Keith Wylie 5. Lionel Ayliff 6. Betty Prichard 7. New Billy, who replaced Old Billy. He only came onto the court at a Prichard peg out, which was rather more common in the 70s, although he did get confused when the peg out resulted in a 2 ball game! 8. Thomas GS Colls 9. "Bomber" Shackleton, (Doreen Excell, Doris Yoxall ,Bill Gladstone) 10. Rona Allen 11. Edgar Jackson 12. Martin Bushnell 13. Les Butler 14. Colin Prichard 15. Col. Prichard 16. Tom Coles 17. Dagma Kitchen 18. Norman Davren 19. The Digbys 20. John Evans 21. Doreen Excell, Lionel Ayliff 22. Michael Heap 23. Robin Godby 24. John Haig 25. Paul Hands 26. Steven Hemsted 27. Mrs Daniels, Andrew Hope & Sir Leonard Stone 28. John ??? 29. Judge Karmel 30. Kitty Wheeler (Sessions) 31. Laurence Latham 32. Mrs Lightfoot 33. Peggy Lodge 34. Mrs Longman 35. Martin Murray 36. Pat Newton 37. Col. Wheeler 38. John Wheeler 39. Graeme Roberts 40. Barbara Meacham 41. Steven Mulliner 42. Bernard Neal 43. Mike Stevens 44. Colin Prichard 45. John Solomon 46. Neil Robinson 47. Eric Solomon 48. Sos Roe 49. John Soutter 50. Sue Sykes (nee Foden), John Rose & Brian Sykes-isn't that Geoffrey Taylor in background? 51. Jocelyn Sundius-Smith 52. Bunny Vulliamy 53. Wil Prichard 54. Bernard Weitz, Ingabor Moorcraft 55. Jack Stone 56. Keith Wylie 57. Noel Hicks (Humphrey's brother) & Maurice Reckitt 58. Vincent Camroux 59. Arthur Warren


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