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Fulford beat Bamford 3-0 in the Championship of Surrey final on Sunday 24th June

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25th June 2001 (AC - Championships)

Day One

A warm sunny day for the first day of the Surrey Championship. 24 players are playing a knockout competition, best of 3 games throughout. Eight seeds gain a bye through the first round, and the remaining 16 jaffas (seedless) played each other for the right to challenge one of the seeds in the second round. The first round saw the battle of the Tractor Boys, with the first upset of the day... Stephenson beating Farthing. The two seeds to fall in the second round so far are Parkinson, and Clarke.

First Round

Kevin Carter beat Jerry Guest +3, +3
George Noble beat Sam Symonds +15, -1, +21
Jeremy Dyer beat Paul Castell +26TP, +25STP
Dennis Bulloch beat Roger Jenkins +17, +12
Jeff Dawson beat Chris Patmore -21, +2, +3T
Samir Patel beat Tim Wilkins -15, +5T, +8T
Paul Stephenson beat Chris Farthing +9, +18
Tom Weston beat Nelson Morrow +2, +19

Second Round

Robert Fulford beat Carter +8, +13TP
Shane Davis beat Noble +11, +25TP
Dyer beat Peter Parkinson -17, +17, +5
Bulloch beat Chris Clarke +17, +12
Stephen Mulliner / Dawson One game all
Trevor Bassett / Patel One game all
Patrick Hort beat Stephenson +3, +13TP
Reg Bamford beat Weston +20, +13QnP

Day Two

Another warm sunny day for the second day of the Surrey Championship. The competition reached the final stage, with the final to be played between the number one and two seeds, Fulford and Bamford. Lawns were getting trickier as they baked in the sunshine, especially lawn 2, chosen for the final tomorrow... bookies odds on a sextuple being attempted or indeed completed have lengthened considerably.

Second Round

Mulliner beat Dawson -14, +8, +24
Bassett beat Patel +14, -4, +8

Quarter Finals

Fulford beat Davis +8, +26TP
Dyer beat Bulloch -17, +5, +5
Mulliner beat Bassett +7, +19
Bamford beat Hort +5, +12TP


Fulford beat Dyer +20, +25TP
Bamford beat Mulliner +5TP, +26TP

Day Three

The final day of the Surrey Championships was held in glorious sunshine, no breeze, and temperatures in the mid 20s Celsius. The best of five final was between Reg Bamford and Robert Fulford, and held on tricky lawn two, manicured into a number one cut by the Noble groundsman the evening before. It was Robert who managed to adapt and cope with the conditions the better, winning 3-0 in about four hours. It was just one of those days for Reg, as things never quite went to plan. Reg's easy win over a weak opponent in the semi-final perhaps did not set him up for the final in the same way as Robert's difficult semi-final opponent.

In the end it was Robert's shooting and tight break play that held the key, hitting almost anything at will. Reg shot very straight throughout, but unfortunately not quite in the right direction... both Reg's short and long lift shots missing by the proverbial coat of paint, with no discernable gap visible between the balls as one slid past the other.


Fulford beat Bamford +26TP, +12, +21


Winner: Chris Patmore

Early Plate

Bassett b Parkinson +26
Clarke b Castell +24


Farthing b Guest +10
Morrow b Jenkins +14
Farthing b Castell +6TP
Morrow b Patmore +6
Clarke b Weston +21TP
Castell b Jenkins +14
Carter b Noble +3
Wilkins b Symonds +13
Parkinson b Guest +14OTP
Stephenson b Morrow +10
Farthing b Weston +26
Clarke b Dawson +14TP
Symonds b Guest +21
Parkinson b Wilkins +16
Patmore b Noble +4
Farthing b Carter +26
Castell b Weston +2
Morrow b Patel +15
Clarke b Stephenson +26TP
Farthing b Dawson +1t
Guest b Jenkins +14
Carter b Wilkins +10
Parkinson b Hort +6
Davis b Symonds +7
Patmore b Clarke +16
Stephenson b Noble +9
Hort b Davis +14
Parkinson b Morrow +15
Carter b Jenkins +3
Patel b Symonds +8TP
Patmore b Bassett
Clarke b Carter +17TP
Bassett b Noble +26TP
Farthing b Bulloch +19
Wilkins b Stephenson +11TP
Patmore b Parkinson +5
Jenkins b Weston +7
Hort b Dawson +5TP
Symonds b Castell +2
Noble b Patel +14TP
Dawson b Bassett +24
Hort b Carter +25
Parkinson b Bulloch +7
Castell b Patel +8
Clarke b Hort +25TP
Bassett b Stephenson +17TP
Patmore b Farthing +8
Wilkins b Noble +16
Symonds b Jenkins +7
Dawson b Weston +20
Clarke b Stephenson +8

Handicap Changes

Samir Patel 1.5 to 1


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