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Mick Greagsby won the Royal Tunbridge Wells B-Class Golf Croquet Level

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4 May 2009 (GC)

Valerie Harding beat Duncan Cox
Eli Frith beat Derek Heath
Mick Greagsby beat Geoff Croxford
Frank Gunstone beat Pat Frith
Carol Bradley beat Miriam Reader
Vera Phipps beat Roz Cheesman
Paddy Croxford beat Michael Sander
Doug Francis beat Michael Gentry
Tricia Francis beat Kate Sander
Mick Greagsby beat Eli Frith
Vera Phipps beat Carol Bradley
Frank Gunstone beat Valerie Harding
Derek Heath beat Roz Cheesman
Duncan Cox beat Pat Frith
Geoff Croxford beat Miriam Reader
Doug Francis beat Kate Sander
Paddy Croxford beat Michael Gentry
Michael Sander beat Tricia Francis
Vera Phipps beat Frank Gunstone
Mick Greagsby beat Paddy Croxford
Geoff Croxford beat Michael Sander
Valerie Harding beat Michael Gentry
Eli Frith beat Duncan Cox
Derek Heath beat Carol Bradley
Pat Frith beat Doug Francis
Kate Sander DREW Roz Cheesman
Miriam Reader beat Tricia Francis
Mick Greagsby beat Vera Phipps
Paddy Croxford beat Frank Gunstone
Valerie Harding beat Geoff Croxford
Pat Frith beat Derek Heath
Eli Frith beat Michael Gentry
Carol Bradley beat Michael Sander
Duncan Cox beat Tricia Francis
Michael Reader beat Kate Sander
Roz Cheesman beat Doug Francis
Mick Greagsby beat Valerie Harding
Paddy Croxford beat Vera Phipps
Eli Frith beat Frank Gunstone
Pat Frith DREW Geoff Croxford
Duncan Cox beat Derek Heath
Miriam Reader beat Roz Cheesman
Carol Bradley beat Tricia Francis
Michael Sander beat Doug Francis
Michael Gentry beat Kate Sander
Mick Greagsby beat Carol Bradley
Eli Frith beat Paddy Croxford
Duncan Cox beat Vera Phipps
Michael Sander beat Kate Sander
Derek Heath beat Doug Francis
Tricia Francis beat Michael Gentry
Valerie Harding beat Miriam Reader
Pat Frith beat Roz Cheesman
Geoff Croxford beat Frank Gunstone


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