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Robert Fulford won the Western Championship

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pictureTony eats Lemon Onion in the well-publicised pre-tournament meal at Strat's (Photo: Dave Kibble)

by Robert Fulford at Parkstone
2-4 May 2009 (AC - Championships)

In general the standard of play was mixed. Probably a few players with their eye more on next week. Florida should be a bit warmer.

The final was like the rest of the tournament. The first game of the final was very poor, I made 2 errors, Rutger 3 errors including putting down a standard TP. The second a game in contrast was finished 5th turn with no errors (Rutger looked at doing a TPO maybe stretched over two turns, but didn't get position for the first peel and went to 4b).

Main Event

Marcus Evans beat Ed Duckworth +4sxp -19tp +14
John Gibbons beat David Nicholson +11 +13
Peter Trimmer beat Charles Askew +19tp +24tp
Stephen Mulliner beat David Goacher +9 -1(t) +10
Rutger Beijderwellen beat AS Le Moignan -26stp +5 +6
Cliff Jones beat Louise Bradforth -14 +6 +26tp
Samir Patel beat Dave Kibble +4 +4
Jamie Burch beat Ailsa Lines +23tp -8tp +1
Gavin Carter beat Dave Trimmer -15 +17tp +7tp

Robert Fulford beat David Harrison-Wood +21 +1
John Gibbons beat Marcus Evans +20 +16tp
Debbie Cornelius beat David Maugham +4tp -9 +15
Stephen Mulliner beat Debbie Cornelius +12tpo -9 +25
Samir Patel beat Cliff Jones +24tp +26tp
Jamie Burch beat Gavin Carter +18 -16tp +17tp
Keith Aiton beat Tom Weston +16sxp +23tp

Robert Fulford beat John Gibbons +13tpo +26sxp
Stephen Mulliner beat Peter Trimmer +6 +4
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Samir Patel +26tp +26sxp
Keith Aiton beat Jamie Burch +13tpo -13tp +3tp

Robert Fulford beat Stephen Mulliner +12tp -26tp +9tp
Rutger Beijderwellen beat Keith Aiton +26sxp -26 +17

Robert Fulford beat Rutger Beijderwellen +6 +17tp

Plate Knockout

Dave Trimmer beat Gavin Carter +23
David Maugham beat Ailsa Lines +26tp
Marcus Evans beat Samir Patel +26tp
David Goacher beat Ed Duckworth +1

David Maugham beat Dave Trimmer +26tp
Marcus Evans beat David Goacher +26tp

Marcus Evans beat David Maugham -4tp +26tp +4


Ed Duckworth beat Dave Kibble +20
Tom Weston beat Charles Askew +17
Ailsa Lines beat David Nicholson +26
Ailsa Lines beat David Harrison-Wood +22
AS Le Moignan beat Dave Trimmer +16
Ed Duckworth beat David Goacher +6
Cliff Jones beat Tom Weston +25tp
Charles Askew beat David Nicholson +10
Marcus Evans beat Tom Weston +12
Louise Bradforth beat Dave Kibble +25
David Maugham beat Cliff Jones +6
Dave Trimmer beat David Goacher +24
Ed Duckworth beat Peter Trimmer +7
Marcus Evans beat Ailsa Lines +3
David Nicholson beat Tom Weston +17
Samir Patel beat David Harrison-Wood +6
Gavin Carter beat Louise Bradforth +17
Dave Kibble beat Cliff Jones +15
Marcus Evans beat Peter Trimmer +2
David Nicholson beat David Harrison-Wood +11tp
David Goacher beat Tom Weston +17
Dave Trimmer beat Ailsa Lines +26
Ed Duckworth beat David Maugham +7
Tom Weston beat David Harrison-Wood +13
Debbie Cornelius beat Louise Bradforth +20
Peter Trimmer beat Dave Kibble +14
Cliff Jones beat Charles Askew +20stp
Gavin Carter beat Ailsa Lines +5
Cliff Jones beat Dave Trimmer +11
Dave Kibble beat Charles Askew +8


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