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David Maugham won the Bowdon June Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines at Bowdon
31 May 2009 (AC)

The 2009 Bowdon June Advanced Weekend was won by David Maugham who beat Ian Lines in the final (-17tp, +26stp, -7otp, +25, +5tpo). The consolation Egyptian Event was won by David Walters, who completed his first ever TPO (only his 3rd ever ranking triple).

The Peterson Trophy was presented to David by Martin Granger-Brown, and thanks were recorded to John Saxby and his team for the magnificent catering, and to Alan Mayne and all those involved in preparing and setting the lawns.

The Bowdon lawns were in excellent condition, but fairly easy at about 10 plummers, even though the hoops were set to 1/32". Some of the new Jaques hoops were being trialled on lawn 1 - they seem very well engineered in cast iron with a President's clearance of 1/16" over their whole height, and they have slightly thicker uprights (0.7"). However, they appeared to be only very marginally more difficult to run than our standard steel President's hoops.


Main Event

First Round

David Maugham beat Alan Mayne +26sxp
Colin Irwin beat Barry Keen +26tp
David Walters beat John Wastell +26
James Hopgood beat Martin G-Brown +26tp
Lee Hartley beat Jerry Guest +16
Ian Lines beat David Barrett +2tp
Tom Griffith beat Brian Storey +6
Andrew Winn beat Ken Cooper +10

Quarter Finals

Ian Lines beat Lee Hartley +19tp
Andrew Winn beat Colin Irwin +9
David Maugham beat James Hopgood +3
David Walters beat Tom Griffith +2

Semi Finals (best of 3)

David Maugham beat Andrew Winn +25tp, +21tp
Ian Lines beat David Walters +18tp, -12tpo, +11tpo

Final (best of 5)

David Maugham beat Ian Lines -17tp, +26stp, -7otp, +25, +5tpo

Consolation Egyptian

Alan Mayne beat Barry Keen +23
Jerry Guest beat Martin G-Brown +19tp
Ken Cooper beat John Wastell +25
Jerry Guest beat Alan Mayne +16tp
Martin G-Brown beat Barry Keen +25
David Barrett beat Brian Storey +25
John Wastell beat Lee Hartley +23
Ken Cooper beat Alan Mayne +24tp
Colin Irwin beat James Hopgood +17tp
Brian Storey beat Barry Keen +19
Lee Hartley beat David Barrett +14
Martin G-Brown beat Tom Griffith +4
James Hopgood beat Ken Cooper +23
Colin Irwin beat Brian Storey +26tp
John Wastell beat Alan Mayne +15
Ken Cooper beat Lee Hartley +26tp
James Hopgood beat Jerry Guest +25
David Barrett beat Barry Keen +24
Tom Griffith beat Alan Mayne +20
David Walters beat Colin Irwin +11
Lee Hartley beat Martin G-Brown +25tp
Andrew Winn beat John Wastell +8
James Hopgood beat Barry Keen +23tp
Colin Irwin beat Alan Mayne +14
David Walters beat Lee Hartley +19
Jerry Guest beat Ken Cooper +17
David Barrett beat Tom Griffith +7
Andrew Winn beat James Hopgood +15
Martin G-Brown beat John Wastell +3
Lee Hartley beat Barry Keen +24tp
Ken Cooper beat Colin Irwin +17tp
David Walters beat Jerry Guest +20
James Hopgood beat Alan Mayne +5


David Maugham (-2.5) 7/9 (1sxp, 1stp, 2tp, 1tpo, 1otp)
Ian Lines (-2.5) 6/10 (4tp, 1tpo)
David Walters (-1) 6/8 (1tpo)
Andrew Winn (-0.5) 4/6
James Hopgood (-0.5) 5/8 (2tp)
David Barrett (1) 3/5
Ken Cooper (-0.5) 4/7 (3tp)
Colin Irwin (-1.5) 4/7 (3tp)
Lee Hartley (0) 4/8 (2tp)
Jerry Guest (-0.5) 3/6 (2tp)
Martin G-Brown (0) 3/6
Tom Griffith (0.5) 2/5
John Wastell (3) 2/6
Brian Storey (-1) 1/4
Alan Mayne (1.5) 1/8
Barry Keen (11) 0/7


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