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Jeff Dawson won the Woking Open weekend

[<<] [>>] by Jeff Dawson at Woking
5-7 June 2009 (AC)

Jeff Dawson won the A-block, and Alan Edwards won the B-block.

Jeff Dawson 6/7
Dick Knapp 5/7
Mike Town 4/6
Malcolm Bigg 3/6
Alan Edwards 5/6
Nigel Polhill 3/7
Nick Harvey 2/6
David Mumford 2/6
Mary Knapp 4/6
Ian Parkinson 2/7
Peter MacGowan 3/6
Kevin Carter 3/6
David Mooney 2/4
Collin Southern 2/6
Ross Goodman 2/6
Gina Lewis 2/6
Bill Wood-Roe 0/2

Jeff Dawson bt Dick Knapp +25 tp
Nigel Polhill bt Ian Parkinson +23
Kevin Carter bt Peter MacGowan +6
Alan Edwards bt Mary Knapp +15
Gina Lewis bt Ross Goodman +5
Nick Harvey bt David Mumford +13
Malcolm Bigg bt Mike Town +11
Collin Southern bt Bill Wood-Roe +5
Dick Knapp bt Ian Parkinson +17
Jeff Dawson bt Nigel Polhill +25 tp
Alan Edwards bt Kevin Carter +10
Peter MacGowan bt Mary Knapp +8
Malcolm Bigg bt Nick Harvey +16
Mike Town bt David Mumford +17
Collin Southern bt Gina Lewis +11
Ross Goodman bt Bill Wood-Roe +8
Dick Knapp bt Nigel Polhill +17
Ian Parkinson bt Jeff Dawson +26
David Mumford bt Collin Southern +24
Dick Knapp bt Nick Harvey +4
Jeff Dawson bt Malcolm Bigg +24 tp
Mike Town bt Ian Parkinson +10
Alan Edwards bt Nigel Polhill +23
Mary Knapp bt David Mooney +4
Peter MacGowan bt Ross Goodman +2
Kevin Carter bt Gina Lewis +16
Malcolm Bigg bt David Mumford +13
Jeff Dawson bt Nick Harvey +26 tp
Nigel Polhill bt Collin Southern +1
Alan Edwards bt Ian Parkinson +23
Mike Town bt Dick Knapp +6
Mary Knapp bt Gina Lewis +9
Peter MacGowan bt David Mooney +3
Kevin Carter bt Ross Goodman +25
Jeff Dawson bt Mike Town +3
Dick Knapp bt Malcolm Bigg +5
Alan Edwards bt Peter MacGowan +6
David Mumford bt Nigel Polhill +8
Nick Harvey bt Kevin Carter +24
Ian Parkinson bt Collin Southern +7
Mary Knapp bt Ross Goodman +15
David Mooney bt Gina Lewis +4
Jeff Dawson bt Alan Edwards +23 tp
Dick Knapp bt David Mumford +12
Nigel Polhill bt Malcolm Bigg +8
Mike Town bt Nick Harvey +7
Gina Lewis bt Peter MacGowan +5
Ross Goodman bt Collin Southern +16
Mary Knapp bt Kevin Carter +21
David Mooney bt Ian Parkinson +3


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