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Dave Nick won the Southport September Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines
6th October 2009 (AC)

Dave Nick beat Gail Curry +17, +4 to win the Southport September Advanced Weekend and get his name on the Sandiford Salver for the first time, bringing to an end the run of 5 consecutive years that Ian Lines has won the event. Ian won the consolation Swiss with 5/6 wins.

The lawns at Southport are in good condition, thanks largely to the work that has been done on them this year, and in the sunshine today they were just fast enough (around 10 seconds) to make picking up breaks and tps a little tricky, particularly due to the slight slopes on some lawns and around some hoops, which could catch out the unwary.

In addition to the glorious sunny weather, Southport provided excellent lunches and teas which all helped make for a very enjoyable weekend.



First Round

Dave Nick beat Anthony Thomas +20
James Hawkins beat Brian Kerr +12
Gail Curry beat Collin Southern +20
Tom Griffith beat Simon Wolf +19
Robert Wilkinson beat Terry Foster +10
Alan Pidcock beat Don Williamson +2

Second Round

Dave Nick beat James Hawkins +16
Robert Wilkinson beat Barbara Haslam +20
Alan Pidcock beat Ian Lines +26
Gail Curry beat Tom Griffith +5

Semi Final (best of 3)

Dave Nick beat Robert Wilkinson +26tp, +8tp
Gail Curry beat Alan Pidcock +11, -16, +w/o

Final (best of 3)

Dave Nick beat Gail Curry +17, +4


Ian Lines beat Barbara Haslam +15
Brian Kerr beat Anthony Thomas +21
Simon Wolf beat Collin Southern +16
Don Williamson beat Terry Foster +7
Collin Southern beat Brian Kerr +15
Ian Lines beat Tom Griffith +17
James Hawkins beat Anthony Thomas +2
Don Williamson beat Simon Wolf +13
Terry Foster beat Barbara Haslam +10(t)
Collin Southern beat Robert Wilkinson +1
Robert Wilkinson beat Don Williamson +15
Ian Lines beat Dave Nick +3
Collin Southern beat Terry Foster +2(t)
Tom Griffith beat James Hawkins +6
Barbara Haslam beat Anthony Thomas +17
Brian Kerr beat Simon Wolf +2
Ian Lines beat Don Williamson +26tp
Alan Pidcock beat Robert Wilkinson +26
Tom Griffith beat Brian Kerr +3
Terry Foster beat Anthony Thomas +18
Barbara Haslam beat Simon Wolf +14
Ian Lines beat Robert Wilkinson +21
Collin Southern beat James Hawkins +12


Ian Lines (-2) 5/6 1tp
Dave Nick (-1) 6/7 2tps
Robert Wilkinson (-0.5) 3/8
Gail Curry (0) 3/6
Alan Pidcock (0) 4/5
James Hawkins (0.5) 2/5
Tom Griffith (1) 3/5
Brian Kerr (1) 2/5
Barbara Haslam (1.5) 2/5
Collin Southern (3) 4/6
Don Williamson (3.5) 2/5
Terry Foster (4) 2/5
Simon Wolf (5) 1/5
Anthony Thomas (6) 0/5


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