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Tony Mrozinski won the SCCC Advanced Weekend B-Level Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Nick Harris at Sussex County Croquet Club
27 September 2009 (AC)

Tony Mrozinski won the SCCC Advanced Weekend B Level Tournament, beating Alan Cottle in the final

The long dry spell and good weather throughout the two days plus firm hoops
produced lawns that were tricky for most players resulting in a weekend with
no triples though Jon Watson and others achieved Bedfordshire triples. (It's
like a New Zealand triple which is completed over two turns except in the
Bedfordshire version the peels are completed over two days and not
necessarily in the right order!)

The conditions also upset many of the seeds with only the seventh seed Tony
Mrozinski reaching the final from the bottom half of the draw. In the top
half of the draw George Colin and Alan Cottle played extremely well to reach
the semi final stage. Alan won this +22 and thus achieved his C.A. Silver
medal. The final, was played as a single game which Tony won +11. John
Solomon was on hand to present the Cup and the Runner up's Bottle of Wine.
The winner of the Consolation event was Jim Field (4/5) who hit his very
last shot (a long one down the East Boundary) against Jon Watson (4/5) on
Peg and Rover (laid up between hoop 4 and the Boundary) to eventually finish

  1. 2 and (5/6).

The new B Class Level Advanced competition was run as an American block
which by pure luck ended up with Brian Kitching (3/4) playing Bob Stephens
(4/4) in the last round in what was effectively a final. Steady play by
Bob saw him through +6 win and a handicap reduction


1st Round

George Colin beat James Field +3
Rod Ashwell beat Graham Gale +1t

2nd Round

Lionel Tibble beat Mary Knapp +26
George Colin beat David Mumford +8
Dick Knapp beat Mark Hamilton +2
Alan Cottle beat Jon Watson +24
Nick Harris beat Mike Porter +21
Tony Mrozinski beat Anthony Dix +11
David Williams beat Rod Ashwell +2t
Jack Davies W/O


George Colin beat Lionel Tibble +23
Alan Cottle beat Dick Knapp +15
Tony Mrozinski beat Nick Harris +15
David Williams beat Jack Davies +17


Alan Cottle beat George Colin +22
Tony Mrozinski beat David Williams +8


Tony Mrozinski beat Alan Cottle +11

Swiss Games
David Mumford beat David Williams +19
Jack Davies beat Mary Knapp +18
Jon Watson beat Lionel Tibble +16
Jack Davies beat Anthony Dix +12
Mike Porter beat Mary Knapp +12
James Field beat Graham Gale +12
Jon Watson beat Dick Knapp +3
James Field beat Anthony Dix +4
Graham Gale beat Mike Porter +7
Nick Harris beat Rod Ashwell +19
Tony Mrozinski beat Alan Cottle +18
Dick Knapp beat Lionel Tibble +6
Anthony Dix beat Mary Knapp +15
James Field beat Mike Porter +17
Jon Watson beat Graham Gale +15
Rod Ashwell beat David Mumford +16
George Colin beat Nick Harris +5
Dick Knapp beat Anthony Dix +6
Mike Porter beat Lionel Tibble +2
Graham Gale beat David Mumford +9
Rod Ashwell beat Mary Knapp +2t
James Field beat Jon Watson +2

B Class
Bob Stephen beat Gene Mears + 12t
Brian Kitching beat Philip Windred +1t
Tudor Jenkins beat Rex Davies +1t

Gene Mears beat Philip Windred +13
Bob Stephen beat Rex Davies +1t
Brian Kitching beat Tudor Jenkins +5

Gene Mears beat Brian Kitching +16
Philip Windred beat Rex Davies +10
Bob Stephen beat Tudor Jenkins +17

Philip Windred beat Bob Stephen +7t
Brian Kitching beat Rex Davies +10
Tudor Jenkins beat Gene Mears +9

Tudor Jenkins beat Philip Windred +7
Bob Stephen beat Brian Kitching +6
Rex Davies beat Gene Mears +9

Nick Harris


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