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Richard Wood won the Budleigh Salterton B-Level Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Julie Horsley and Charles Townshend at Budleigh Salterton
25 april 2010 (AC)

Richard Wood won the Budleigh Salterton B Level Advanced Weekend, with Charles Townshend in second place and Nick Steiner coming third.


(Format: Egyptian)

Ray Meads beat Carol Lewis + 22
Nick Steiner beat Roger Bowen +14
Jonathan Lamb beat Patrick Swales +10
Terry Foster beat Michael Lester +1
Melanie Foster beat Peter Quinn +13
Tony Backhouse beat Rodney Parkins + 4
Peter Jones beat Brian Lewis + 17
Charles Townshend beat Richard Mills +7
Brian Shorney beat David Clarke + 18
Ken Wood beat Gordon Weir +9
Peter Jones beat Richard Wood +6
Ray Meads beat Melanie Foster + 11
Peter Quinn beat Brian Lewis +5
Carol Lewis beat David Clarke + 9
Jonathan Lamb beat Brian Shorney +7
Terry Foster beat Ken Wood +11
Gordon Weir beat Michael Lester +2
Nick Steiner beat Charles Townshend +6
Richard Mills beat Roger Bowen +6
Rodney Parkins beat Patrick Swales +12
Richard Wood beat Carol Lewis +24
Tony Backhouse beat Melanie Foster +1
Ray Meads beat Terry Foster +7
Ken Wood beat Brian Shorney +5
Tony Backhouse beat Ray Meads +5
Peter Jones beat Jonathan Lamb +2
Terry Foster beat Nick Steiner +3
Ken Wood beat Richard Mills +15
Rodney Parkins beat Peter Quinn +2
Charles Townshend beat Gordon Weir +11
Richard Wood beat Melanie Foster +2
Brian Shorney beat Carol Lewis +10
David Clarke beat Roger Bowen +8
Brian Lewis beat Michael Lester +23
Michael Lester beat Patrick Swales +5
Brian Lewis beat Richard Mills +5
Jonathan Lamb beat Ken Wood +18
Tony Backhouse beat Peter Jones +4
Carol Lewis beat Roger Bowen +20
David Clarke beat Gordon Weir +18
Charles Townshend beat Terry Foster +5
Ray Meads beat Nick Steiner +19
Richard Wood beat Brian Shorney +3
Jonathan Lamb beat Rodney Parkins +22
Ken Wood beat Peter Quinn +3
Gordon Weir beat Melanie Foster +3
David Clarke beat Brian Lewis +11
Nick Steiner beat Richard Mills +2
Rodney Parkins beat Ray Meads +8
Carol Lewis beat Patrick Swales +1

Jonathan Lamb beat Tony Backhouse +11
Ray Meads beat Peter Jones +6
Charles Townshend beat Ken Wood +17
Richard Wood beat Terry Foster +8
Rodney Parkins beat David Clarke +6T
Nick Steiner beat Carol Lewis +6
Brian Lewis beat Brian Shorney +17
Peter Quinn beat Gordon Weir +5
Melanie Foster beat Michael Lester +1T
Richard Mills beat Patrick Swales +20
Patrick Swales beat Roger Bowen +5
Brian Shorney beat Richard Mills +1T
Brian Lewis beat Gordon Weir +3
Peter Quinn beat Peter Jones +13
Richard Wood beat Jonathan Lamb +15
Charles Townshend beat Ray Meads +19
Nick Steiner beat Tony Backhouse +16
Ken Wood beat Michael Lester +7
Terry Foster beat David Clarke +22


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