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Solomon Trophy - Final Results

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17th July 2001 (International)

Final Match Score: GB 20 - USA 0, 1 unfinished

Apologies to all my readers for the delay in posting the final days report. This was due to a sever case of Montezuma's Revenge, which struck immediately after I got home.

Being held at Surbiton. Pacy early on, but becoming easy paced after showers. Weather cloudy with sunny spells, some wind and some showers.

With the trophy safely back in British hands, the final day was about whether America could avoid the whitewash.

Straight games wins for David Harrison-Wood over Brit Ruby, Dave Foulser over Paul Bennett and Chris Clarke over Kenster Rosenberry did not bode well. In game one of the latter, Chris managed to accidentally peg himself out when rolling from corner four to corner two having tpo'ed Kenster. As he was for hoop 2 and Kenster for 3 at the time, this did not seem such a smart move. But ultimately a longish two ball break essentially clinched the game. Two more triples rapidly followed to complete another 3 tp day for Chris.

Sam Tudor, the Welsh number 5, completed his 100% success rate for the event with a 3-1 win over Rory Kelley. One can only speculate what might have happened had the selectors picked the Welsh number 1 instead...

Phil Cordingley struggled at first against a fiercely determined Bob Cherry. Two mis-approaches on the ridge at hoop six cost the first game. The critical game turned out to be the second. Another lawn induced error from Phil ended his first break at 2b. Bob then went to 4b, Phil hit the lift and took his backward ball to the peg and Bob hit his lift, went to the peg and pegged out Phil. Phil hit the lift and, despite oppo balls at opposite optimal points, looked to be going out until a missed 4 yard return roquet after 4b. Bob then had some Harrison-Wooding (playing with the peg ball rather than the backward ball) until he reached rover, when Phil hit a final 25 yarder and this time made no mistake. Phil went on to take the next two games and the match.

So that made it GB 20, USA 0, with Colin Irwin losing 2 - 1 to Dave Bent. Dave got to peg and 4b aginst 1 and 4b when Colin does what he does best: hit the last lift. An immediate error rushing a ball into the peg was then rectified by a good approach to 1 from the west boundary, and the inevitable tp followed.

So 2 - 2, and 21:30 and getting very dark by this time. A discussion between players and captains followed. Dave offered to have a peg shoot-out, but this was rejected by the Brits. The Brits offered a two ball game, but this was rejected by Dave. So finally it was agreed that the match should go into the record books as "unfinished".

Now I'm off to give solid food a try again. Oh joy!

Today's Results

GB1 C. Clarke beat US1 K. Rosenberry +5tpo, +4tp, +24tp
GB2 C. Irwin unf. US2 D. Bent +20, -9, -5, +5tp
GB3 P. Cordingley beat US3 B. Cherry -11, +3, +14, +20tp
GB4 D. Harrison-Wood beat US4 B. Ruby +12, +26tp, +16
GB5 S. Tudor beat US5 R. Kelley +18, +26, -7, +6
GB6 D. Foulser beat US6 P. Bennett +22, +25, +10

Day 1 - Doubles

GB1 C. Clarke & D. Harrison-Wood beat US2 R. Kelley & D. Bent +15, +3tp (C)
GB2 C. Irwin & D. Foulser beat US3 K. Rosenberry & P. Bennett +10, +23
GB3 P.Cordingley & S. Tudor beat US1 B. Cherry & B. Ruby +25, +26

Day 2 - Singles

GB1 C. Clarke beat US2 D. Bent +26tp, +26tp, +26tp
GB2 C. Irwin beat US1 K. Rosenberry +20, +20, +17tp
GB3 P. Cordingley beat US4 B. Ruby +26tp, +26, +23
GB4 D. Harrison-Wood beat US3 B. Cherry -26, +3, +22, -17, +16
GB5 S. Tudor beat US6 P. Bennett +17, +16tp, +23
GB6 D. Foulser beat US5 R. Kelley -12, -26, +24tp, +24, +12

Day 3 - Doubles

GB1 C. Clarke & D. Harrison-Wood beat US3 K. Rosenberry & P. Bennett

  1. 25stp(H-W), +18tp(H-W)

GB2 C. Irwin & D. Foulser beat US1 B. Cherry & B. Ruby +5, -3, +4
GB3 P.Cordingley & S. Tudor beat US2 R. Kelley & D. Bent -15, +3, +16

Day 4 - Doubles

GB1 C. Clarke & D. Harrison-Wood beat US1 B. Cherry & B. Ruby +5, +16
GB2 C. Irwin & D. Foulser beat US2 R. Kelley & D. Bent +13, +12
GB3 P.Cordingley & S. Tudor beat US3 K. Rosenberry & P. Bennett +14, +26


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