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Quarter-final draw for GC Open Championship

[<<] [>>] by Tim King at Southwick
2010-06-27 (GC - Championships)

After two days of competition in the glorious weather shared with the rest of the country, the Open Championship has reached knockout stage. The hot conditions and tight play has delayed the original schedule for the quarter-finals to take place on Saturday. Thus, a tough day remains for Sunday.

Highlights of the block play included Ivor Brand pushing Reg Bamford hard in their match, Bill Arliss beating Stephen Mulliner and the only non seeds qualifying for the knockout being Charlie Von Schmeider and William Gee. Will in particular played well in a very tough block thrown up by the rankings (Sam Thompson, Mike O'Brian, Danny Johnston and Nick Cheyne all winning three out of six block matches). Danny is a student at Trinity College, Dublin, the only overseas player in this year's Championship and indicates that Ireland has strength in their younger generation of croquet players.

On Thursday, Reg Bamford had been absent, so Stephen Mulliner nursed make-shift partner Tim King round to victory in the final of the Doubles Open against John Spiers and Dick Strover, although Charlie Von Schmeider and TJ Hughes almost beat Stephen and Tim and would have qualified for the semi-final in their place.

Saturday evening saw the Championship dinner; Sussex County put on a superb display of hospitality, serving up an Ireland-themed meal. As usual the camaraderie among the players and spectators was a reminder of the bonds that arise out of tough, fair competition.

The block results led to Reg and Stephen being drawn as favourites to meet in the final and the draw shows the block position and game results of each player.

| - Quarter-finals - | | -- Semi-finals -- | | ----- Final ----- | | - 2010 Champion - |

Reg Bamford
(A1 - 6/6)


Charlie Von Schmeider
(C2 - 5/6)

Will Gee
(D1 - 5/6)


Tim King
(B2 - 5/6)

Howard Cheyne
(C1 - 5/6)


Ivor Brand
(A2 - 5/6)

Nelson Morrow
(D2 - 4/6)


Stephen Mulliner
(B1 - 5/6)


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