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Qualification tournaments for the Ascot Cup (English National GC Singles Championship)

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2011-01-30 (GC - Championships)

The Golf Croquet Tournament Committee met yesterday (29 January) and identified some confusion in the Fixtures Book with respect to which will be the qualification tournaments for the Ascot Cup in the 2011 season. In order for selection to take place and players to make arrangements for participation, qualification tournaments must take place before 1 September of the season in question. Thus, the Committee had previously decided that following can not be qualification tournaments for 2011:

  • Yorkshire International Open GC Championship (9 to 11 September)
  • Sussex Open Golf Croquet Championship (10 to 11 September)

The result of these tournaments will form part of qualification for the 2012 Ascot Cup.

The Committee had also previously agreed that the Hurlingham Golf Croquet Singles Tournament is to be a qualification tournament for 2011.

For the avoidance of doubt, the full list of qualification tournaments for the 2011 Ascot Cup is as follows (superseding the list on page 61 of the Fixtures Book):

  • Lancashire International Open GC Championship (2 to 3 April)
  • Sidmouth Golf Croquet Tournament (9 to 10 April)
  • Surbiton Golf Croquet Tournament (16 to 17 April)
  • Roehampton Golf Croquet Open Tournament (30 April to 1 May)
  • East Anglian Golf Croquet Championship (21 to 22 May)
  • Ramsgate Open Golf Croquet Championship (4 to 5 June)
  • Golf Croquet Open Championship (24 to 26 June) (Note: contrary to the indication of the Fixtures Book, only the winner qualifies automatically for the Ascot Cup)
  • Wiltshire Golf Croquet Championship (9 to 10 July)
  • Ryde Open Golf Croquet Tournament (30 to 31 July)
  • Dorset Open Golf Croquet Championship (6 to 7 August)
  • The Musk's Cup (GC Premier Eight, 13 to 14 August)
  • Hurlingham Golf Croquet Singles Tournament (27 to 28 August)

Please do not hesitate to contact the Tournament Director (John Spiers) or Chairman of the GC Tournament Committee (Tim King) if you have any questions, comments or further actions.


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