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Allocations for the Golf Croquet Open Championship 2011

[<<] [>>] by Bill Arliss at Southwick
8 May 2011 (AC - Championships)

Entries for the above event singles were slightly oversubscribed at the allocation date and the following players have been accepted for the singles on the basis of published rankings at this time. The list includes a number of overseas players as indicated

Bill Arliss, Reg Bamford, Kevin Beard (AUS), Pierre Beaudry, Ivor Brand, Richard Brand, Richard Brooks, Ryan Cabble, Nicholas Cheyne, Peter Freer(AUS), Mark Hamilton, David Hopkins, Carole Jackson, Pam Mead, Ray Mounfield, Hamish McIntosh(NZ), Mark McInerney (IRE), Stephen Mulliner, Nelson Morrow, Derek Old, Steve Piercy(NZ), Christopher Roberts, Stella Russel, Richard Thompson, David Turner, Freda Vitty, Keith Webb, Maggie Webb.

Now that pairing has been completed, all sixteen pairs have been accepted as indicated below for the Open Doubles event.

Reg Bamford & Charles Barlow, Stephen Mulliner & Hamish McIntosh
Kevin Beard & Freda Vitty, Ryan Cabble & Nick Cheyne,
Pierre Beaudry & Simon Carter, Nelson Morrow & Steve Piercy
Ivor Brand & Richard Brand, David Hopkins & Carole Jackson
Ray Mounfield & Chris Mounfield, Derek Old & Bill Arliss
Christopher Roberts & Frances Coleman, Kieth & Webb Maggie Webb
Peter Freer & David Turner, Richard Brooks Stella Russel
Bob Ellis & Graham Wallin, John Spiers & Benson Spiers

If any player cannot accept the offered place, please inform the Tournament Director with a copy to the CA Office as soon as possible. No more entries will be accepted for either event unless there are withdrawals.

Bill Arliss
Tournament Director


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