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Paddy Chapman on the Bowdon June Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines at Bowdon Croquet Club
5 June 2011 (AC)

The 2011 Bowdon June Advanced Weekend was won by Paddy Chapman who beat David Maugham in the final (+12tpo, +26tp, -26tp, +26tp). Paddy earns a CA Silver Medal for the first time he's got to the final of a 16 player knockout. The consolation Egyptian Event was won by James Hopgood, who beat Andrew Winn in a final deciding game.

The Peterson Trophy was presented to Paddy by Martin Granger Brown, and thanks were recorded to Alan Mayne for the fantastic lawns, Barry Keen for setting the hoops so well, and to John Saxby and his team of helpers who provided the magnificent catering.

The Bowdon lawns on Saturday morning were probably the best they've been for an advanced event in recent years, running at about 12.5 Plummers in the sunshine, and with hoops set somewhere between a 1/64" and a tight 1/32" there was a reasonable level of interactivity in most games. Even David Maugham came off the lawn smiling after his first game saying it was probably the most ideal conditions he'd played in since the Worlds in Florida. There weren't any major surprises in the main event, though in the second round Andrew had a finishing turn against David, as did Debbie against Paddy, and Miranda had a good win against James. Unfortunately, overnight rain made the lawns and hoops relatively easy on Sunday for the final.

Various photos can be found on the Bowdon web site at

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First Round
Paddy Chapman beat Brian Fisk +23tp
Debbie Cornelius beat David Barrett +26
Miranda Morgan beat Mark Lloyd +24
James Hopgood beat Tom Griffith +2
Ian Lines beat Richard H Smith +24
Brian Storey beat Alan Mayne +21
Andrew Winn beat John Wastell +16
David Maugham beat Jerry Guest +23tp

Quarter Finals
Paddy Chapman beat Debbie Cornelius +7
Miranda Morgan beat James Hopgood +18
Ian Lines beat Brian Storey +26tp
David Maugham beat Andrew Winn +8tp

Semi Finals (best of 3)
Paddy Chapman beat Miranda Morgan +16, +17
David Maugham beat Ian Lines +17, +17tp

Final (best of 5)
Paddy Chapman beat David Maugham +12tpo, +26tp, -26tp, +26tp

Jerry Guest beat Brian Fisk +24
Alan Mayne beat John Wastell +22
Brian Fisk beat Richard H Smith +25
David Barrett beat Mark Lloyd +10
Alan Mayne beat Debbie Cornelius +4
Brian Storey beat Tom Griffith +5
Andrew Winn beat Jerry Guest +9
James Hopgood beat David Barrett +10
Debbie Cornelius beat Brian Storey +7
Richard H Smith beat John Wastell +8
Mark Lloyd beat Brian Fisk +7
Andrew Winn beat Debbie Cornelius +24tp
James Hopgood beat Alan Mayne +25
Ian Lines beat Miranda Morgan +14tp
Brian Fisk beat David Barrett +16
Tom Griffith beat John Wastell +14
Jerry Guest beat Brian Storey +4
Mark Lloyd beat Richard Smith +16
Miranda Morgan beat Brian Storey +19
Debbie Cornelius beat Richard H Smith +24
Brian Fisk beat Tom Griffith +13
James Hopgood beat Andrew Winn +14
Jerry Guest beat Mark Lloyd +10
David Barrett beat John Wastell +3
Ian Lines beat Alan Mayne +4tp

Paddy Chapman (-2.5) 7/8 3tps, 1tpo
David Maugham (-2) 5/8 4tps
James Hopgood (-1.5) 4/5
Ian Lines (-2) 4/6 3tps
Andrew Winn (-0.5) 3/5 1tp
Jerry Guest (2) 3/5
Miranda Morgan (-1) 3/6
Debbie Cornelius (-0.5) 3/6
Brian Fisk (-0.5) 3/6
Mark Lloyd (1) 2/5
David Barrett (1.5) 2/5
Alan Mayne (-0.5) 2/5
Brian Storey (-1) 2/6
Tom Griffith (0.5) 1/4
Richard H Smith (0.5) 1/5
John Wastell (3.5) 0/5
45 games


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