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European Team Championship - Sweden won the Continental Trophy

[<<] [>>] by Andrew Gregory at Cheltenham
25th June 2011 (International)

The Continental Trophy was run as an all-play-all block, with suitable games from the Swiss section and the Plate counting. Sweden's success in the Swiss and the Plate meant their match with Austria will not be played. Despite this Sweden are clear winners having defeated all others.

1st Sweden 5/5 matches, 12/15 games
2nd= Germany, Spain, Switzerland 4/6 matches, 11/18 games

Third Place Play-Off

Ireland beat England 2-1

Kieran Murphy beat David Foulser +17TP
Danny Johnston lost to Dave Kibble -11TP
Jack Clingan beat Richard Thompson 7-5 7-5

Here are the Continental trophy matches that were not part of the Swiss or the Plate:

Spain beat Austria 2-1

Jose Riva beat Klimt Seabright +12
Juan Bravo lost to Max Walderdorff +24
Lucas Azcona beat Martin Guntner 7-4 5-7 7-5

Sweden beat Germany 2-1

Simon Carlsson beat Wolfgang Usbeck +22
Ulf Soderberg lost to Bruno Hess -8
Joi Elebo beat Alexander Kirsten 7-6 6-7 7-4

Spain beat Belgium 3-0

Lucas Azcona beat John Swabey +15
Juan Bravo beat Tony Falcon-Uff +10
Jose Riva beat Allan Morris 2-0

Switzerland beat Norway 2-1

Ian Sexton beat Birger Stene +21
Norman Eatough beat Steinar Olsen +18
Dave Underhill lost to Roar Michalsen 2-7 3-7

And some re-matches:

Norway beat Belgium 2-1

Roar Michalsen beat John Swabey +4
Birger Stene lost to Tony Falcon-Uff -9
Steinar Olsen beat Allan Morris 7-3 5-7 7-3

Wales beat Austria 3-0

David Walters beat Martin Guntner +15
Garry McElwain beat Max Walderdorff +12
Les Bowker beat Klimt Seabright 7-3 7-6


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