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Solomon Trophy 2011: Day 2 commentary

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pictureHunting the lost ball at Hamptworth (Photo: Eileen Soo)

by Brian Fisk at Hamptworth CC
29th June 2011 (International)

I have been away all morning so I'll start with the position at the end of day 1 when doubles were played all day

Round 1

BURRIDGE & MAUGHAM (GB) beat PATMORE & SOO (USA) +15, +5TP (Maugham)

LE MOIGNAN & MULLINER (GB) beat GRIMSLEY & ROTHMAN (USA) -26TP (Rothman), +3TP (Mulliner), +1

BAST & HONEYCUTT (USA) beat LINES & PATEL (GB) -5,+17,+8

Round 2


LE MOIGNAN & MULLINER (GB) vs PATMORE & SOO (USA) -26TP (Patmore), +21TP (Mulliner)


The doubles will be completed later

Match score at the end of day 1 is GB 2 USA 1


In this mornings games we have one result

PATEL (GB) beat GRIMSLEY (USA) +5TP, +10

this makes the current match score GB 3 USA 1

In the other games the position is



LINES (GB) vs SOO (USA) -19


a live 'commentary will start shortly when I have posted notes of this morninings play kindly recorded by Eileen Soo in my absence.


A beautiful morning with plenty of sun. Everyone looks ready to go, after a late night last night.

With 4 courts at the venue, not all singles can start at once. Positions 1 and 2 have a bye, so Danny Huneycutt, Ben Rothman, Stephen Mulliner, and David Maugham are sitting out.

Court 1 -- Jeff Soo v. Ian Lines

Game 1 -- -- Jeff Soo (U and K) v. Ian Lines (R and Y)

Y had first break ending with not-quite-wired diagonal spread, K at peg partially visible to U. U missed short shot. Lines started break with R but only got hoop 1. More interaction happens. At 1.5 hours into the game, Y was s on 4-back, R on 4, U on 2 and K on 1. R got a break to peg with R and set a diagonal spread with K near peg. Jeff shot U at K from B baulk and hit but failed to score. More interaction happened, with R on peg, Y on 4-back, K on 2 and U on 4 at 3 hours in. Lines managed to get Y around, but failed to peg out R on a 5 yard peg-out attempt putting R near corner 2. Lines shot Y ant K in corner 4 and missed, leaving Soo a chance to play K to 5. Y hit to attempt another 5 yd plus peg out for the game.

Game 2 - Jeff (R and Y) v. Ian (U and K)
R in for first break but failed to run 4. K in break to 3.

Court 2 - Chris Patmore v. Tony Le Moignan

Game 1 -- Chris Patmore (R and Y) v. Tony Le Moignan (U and K)

K had first break, setting diagonal spread with Y well away from the peg and a shot on UK. Patmore took short shot with R and missed. After exciting hampered hoop stroke at 2, Tony looked at an on-time triple, then a delayed, but finally settled for just a straight peel at 4-back. Set diagonal spread with Y near peg.

Chris took short shot with Y and hit but failed a short angled shot at 2-back; Tony rearranged the court. R hit in but failed hoop 1. More interaction until R started a break to peg,. Chris pegged out oppo's U, leaving K just south of penult and both R and Y midway on the east boundary. K took a lift shot from mid-point on B baulk but missed. After a few turns rearranging the court, Y started a break from 2-back.

Game 2 - Chris (U and K) and Tony (R and Y)
State of game: U, R, Y on 1, U took break to 4-back, setting diagonal spread with Y near peg. Y meiised short shot letting K in for ZZ

Court 3 - Jim Bast v. Ian Burridge

Game 1 -- Jim Bast (U and K) v. Ian Burridge (R and Y)
Interactive start with U on 1, Y and 2, and R and K on 3 after about 40 minutes of play. Y stuck in jaws of 2 gave Bast a good chance to get started with U. U stuck in jaws of 2-back with R right by, but Burridge didn't get a break. At 1.5 hours in, U was on 2-back, K and R on 3, and Y on 5. Jim took U to 4-back and set flat reverse diagonal spread with R at peg. R shoots long shot and missed but was soon back in on a break to peg, pegging out both U and R. K now on 5 and Y on 2-back. K slowly caught up to Y, with both on penult at 3 hours into the game, with K able to take position at penult. K made rover before Y but missed the peg out, leaving K mid-court. Y missed the long roquet attempt allowing K to peg out.

Game 2: Jim (R and Y) v. Ian (U and K)
(lunch break)
State of game: U on 4-back, K on 5, R on 3, and Y on 1-back. K in and gets break going in several turns, getting to 3-back. After a few turns back and forth,

Court 4 - Doug Grimsley v. Samir Patel

Game 1 -- Doug Grimsley (U and K) v. Samir Patel (R and Y)
Both players had chances with U and Y advancing to 2. R got a break but then barely got through 3. R attempted long shot at Y about 4 yds north of 4 but missed. Doug hit Y with K and made a break, setting a flat reverse diagonal spread with Y near peg. Y missed short shot and Doug picked up a break with U from 2 but ended by stuffing 4-back after doing two peels of a triple. Samir began break with R at 4 and ended at 4-back. U hit in but failed to progress. Y hit in and finished the game with a triple.

Game 2 -- Doug Grimsley (U and K) v. Samir Patel (R and Y); K played in first.

Samir got first break with only got to hoop 4. Doug hit in with K for a break to 2-back. R took the break 3-back where he failed to get position. He scattered putting K on the east boundary and R on the north. U lifted close to R but failed to get a break going. Y got the next break, taking it to peg but unable to peg both balls out. Y put R mid-court neat the west boundary and pegged out. K took the lift shot from the A baulk and missed.

(lunch break)
State of the game: R on rover, Y on peg, K on 2-back, U on 4-back. R missed long shot on diagonal spread. K hit in but soon R was in on break to get through rover. R set leave to put U near corner 3, K near corner 1, and R and Y on west about hoop 2 high with ruch to the peg. K shot and missed, leaving Y to peg out.

Match to UK +5tp, +10.

Court 4 - Ben Rothman v. David Maugham

Game 1 -- Ben Rothman (U and K) v. David Maugham (R and Y)


Jim Bast beats Ian Burridge +2, +4 to make the score

GB 3 USA 2

This means that the sixth game , Stephen Mulliner (GB) vs Danny Huneycutt (USA) can start on court 4.

In the other games:

court 1: LE MOIGNAN (RY) vs PATMORE (KU)

U is on rover, K on 4, R on 4b and Y on 3

court 2: LINES (KU) vs SOO (RY)

K is on 4b U is on 1, R is on 4b and Y on 4

court 3: MAUGHAM (RY) vs ROTHMAN (KU)

R is on rover, Y is on 6, U is on 4b and K on 1


Court 2: Soo goes to peg with yellow and leaves a diagonal spread. Ian shoots at his own ball from the N boundary and misses. Soo pegs out and thus levels the match +17.

my earlier report that Lines had lost the first game -19 was incorrect, he actually won +19. My apologies.


On court 3 David Maugham completes his break peeling red through rover to win +17 and thus goes 1-0 up in the match.

On court 4 Danny Hunneycutt has won the opening skirmishes and is currently in a break at hoop 4.


Chris Patmore beats Tony Le Moighnan +15 to win the match 2-0 and level the test match 3-3

PATMORE (US) beat LE MOIGNAN (GB) +3, +15


On court 4 Honeycutt has broken down at 5 and Mulliner is in a break at hoop 3

on court 3 Maugham is starting the first break of the game with red but fails hoop 1.


On court 2 Lines has the first break (with red) and has just run hoop 4.


Simultaneously both Mulliner and Lines have hampered shots after hoop 5. Mulliner makes his roquet but Lines does not.


Maugham misses a 5 foot roquet at 3 and Rothman hits.


In case anyone was wondering doubles will continue from yesterday when players become free.


On court 4 Mulliner goes to 4b with yellow while Rothman fails hoop 2 with blue on court 3.


Huneycutt (correct spelling) misses the shot down the E boundary with blue on court 4.


On court 3 Rothman misses another 6 yard shot while Maugham hits his 8 yarder with Red.

On court 2 Soo is approaching 1b with blue.

On court 4 Mulliner has made hop 1 with a rush to blue in corner 4.


on court 2 Soo goes to 4b with blue leaving something he describes as approximating to an OSL (or a diagonal spread that went wrong :-) )


Lines hits black with red.


On court 3 Maugham breaks down before 1b and Rothman starts his break with black at hoop 1


On court 2 Lines misses the return roquet after 2b with red. Soo takes the lift shot with black from B balk and hits red near hoop 2 with red an excellent pioneer for 1.


The manager/commentator's life is busy and varied - having ordered the carvery tonight for 8pm I'm then called on the court 3 to wield the mallet as Ian Lines, the referee, can't use mallets after the earthquake in NZ and Ben wants to play a sweepshot but the carrots are proud.


Rothman completes the sweepshot successfully but subsequently calls a fault on his own roll shot letting
Maugham back on the court.

On court 4 Mulliner goes to peg with red and Huneycutt misses the lift shot with blue from B baulk at black by the peg.


On court 2 Soo fails hoop 3 with black and Lines is in play with yellow and makes hoop 1.

Back on court 3 Mulliner lays up near 4b but Huneycutt hits with black

On court 3 Rothman misses letting Maugham in with yellow.


Hot off the press (or out of Stephen's mouth) NO DOUBLES TODAY. Followed by several players heading to the bar :-)


On court 3 Rothman is back in play with blue at hoop 2 while on court 2 Lines continues with hoop 3 after a short break to allow Soo a shot.


On court 2 Lines tidies up by running 3b with red an dputs ina leave.

On court 3 Rothman is in a break with blue on his way to 2b.

On court 4 Huneycutt is approaching 2b with black


Soo shoots with blue on court 2 but misses letting Lines in with yellow.


On court 4 Huneycutt goes to 4b but is attempt at an MSL goes awray and he ends up with his two balls parallel to the south boundary just out of corner 4.

On court 3 Rothman is setting a horizontal spread.

Back on court 4 Mulliner hits the balls in corner 4 with red (his peg ball)


On court 3 Maugham hits blue, in corner 4, with yellow.


Maugham lays up near corner 1 while Mulliner lays up near 4b.


On court 2 Lines fails 2b letting Soo in however Soo puts black off the court in a croquet stroke. Unfortunately Lines misses with yellow into corner 3.


Soo is in a 4 ball break with black.

On court 4 Mulliner makes penult but fails the return roquet leaving an easy lift shot for blue which is taken by Huneycutt.

On court 3 Maugham fails hoop 2 and yellow ends up milimetrs away from the lft upright. He can probably see yellow in the distance :-(


On court 3 Maugham corners red into IV and Rothman hits a 10 yarder with blue.


Rothman makes 4b and penult with blue and lays up on the West boundary near yellows hoop (2). Maughan misses red in corner 2 with yellow.


On court 4 Huneycutt is pegging out Mulliner's red leaving yellow on rover.


On court 2 Soo blobs rover with black and lets Lines in with yellow.

On court 4 Mulliner misses a shot with yellow.

On court 3 Maugham hits in with yellow.


Maugham fails hoop 2 with yellow meanwhile Huneycutt is approaching rover off yellow.


Huneycutt has a 5 yd peg out meanwhile Mulliner practices his swing on the boundary. Is he getting ready for the missed peg out or the next game?


Huneycutt has a 5 yd peg out meanwhile Mulliner practices his swing on the boundary. Is he getting ready for the missed peg out or the next game?


Maugham fails hoop 2 with yellow meanwhile Huneycutt is approaching rover off yellow.


Huneycutt pegs out from 5yds. He wins the first game +2.


On court 2 Lines goes to peg with yellow and leaves a horizontal spread.


Mulliner hits turn three and rushes black near to hoop 1.

Soo misses his lift shot at red.


Muliner fails to approach hoop1 so retires near to yellow on east boundary. Huneycutt shoots at black with red and hits. Game on as they say in the noble sport of darts.


Lines makes 4b with a very firm shot that worries the stop boards.

On court 3 Rothman is approaching 2b.

Huneycutt makes hoop 1 on court 4.

Lines fails penult. Soo dons his gloves for a shot. He hits black in the corner with blue.

On court 3 Rothman blobs 3b letting Maugham in again.


sorry about the delay - my connectivity went west :-(

Huneycutt blobs 4 letting Mulliner in.

On court 3 Maugham jawses red in 4b after hoop 3.

Soo is making progress on court 2

Maugham takes croquet from black in the jaws of 4 but the ball hills right and is unrunnable so he retires leaving black in from of 3b.

Soo pegs out yellow leaving red on penult and black on rover.

Lines hits blue with red.

Lines makes penult off black with a rush to rover.

Rothman wins game 2 +14.

Lines makes rover and pegs out red winning the match 2-1.

LINES (GB) beat Soo (USA) +19, -17 , +3

GB are now 4-3 up.

Tomorrow we play 3rd round of the doubles.


In the last game of the evening Mulliner has his second ball round to 4b with no sign of any peeling.


In response to an off-line question yesterday - we are playing under natural light - it's 8pm and the sun is still well above the horizon. The shadows may be long but visibility is still great.


Mulliner sets a horizonal spread. The final placement falls foul of a poor west boundary. Huneycutt lifts the peg ball (yellow) to shoot at black and hits.


Huneycutt makes hoop 1 with yellow.


Huneycutt completes his break to 4b and Mulliner states that he is too hungry to continue tonight so the game will be pegged down.

Good night everyone. See you all again 9:00am BST tomorrow.


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