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Brian Christmas won the Roehampton B WE

[<<] [>>] by Nigel Aspinall at Roehampton
26 June 2011 (AC)

Winner Brian Christmas 6 wins
Second Michael Finnigan, Sam Murray, Neil Coote 5wins

Round 1
1 Andrew Wise beat Hugh Carlisle
2 Michael Finnigan bt Jeffrey Rushby
3 Peter Quinn bt Gina Lewis
4 Neil Coote bt Tim Masterton
5 Peter Spiller bt Brian Shorney
6 Brian Christmas bt Sam Murray
7 Mike Bottomley bt Veronica Carlisle
8 Richard Williamson bt Bryan Rees

Round 2
1 Richard Williamson bt Mike Bottomley
2 Michael Finnigan bt Hugh Carlisle
3 Bryan Rees bt Veronica Carlisle
4 Brian Christmas bt Peter Spiller
5 Neil Coote bt Peter Quinn
6 Tim Masterton bt Gina Lewis
7 Sam Murray bt Brian Shorney
8 Andrew Wise bt Jeffrey Rushby

Round 3
1 Richard Williamson bt Brian Shorney
2 Sam Murray bt Mike Bottomley
3 Brian Christmas bt Veronica Carlisle
4 Michael Finnigan bt Peter Quinn
5 Peter Spiller bt Bryan Rees
6 Neil Coote bt Hugh Carlisle
7 Gina Lewis bt Jeffrey Rushby
8 Andrew Wise bt Tim Masterton

Round 4
1 Michael Finnigan bt Tim Masterton
2 Brian Christmas bt Richard Williamson
3 Sam Murray bt Bryan Rees
4 Mike Bottomley bt Peter Spiller
5 Andrew Wise bt Peter Quinn
6 Brian Shorney bt Veronica Carlisle
7 Gina Lewis bt Hugh Carlisle
8 Jeffrey Rushby bt Neil Coote

Round 5
1 Hugh Carlisle bt Jeffrey Rushby
2 Veronica Carlisle bt Richard Williamson
3 Brian Christmas bt Mike Bottomley
4 Neil Coote bt Gina Lewis
5 Michael Finnigan bt Andrew Wise
6 Sam Murray bt Peter Spiller
7 Peter Quinn bt Tim Masterton
8 Brian Shorney bt Bryan Rees

Round 6
1 Mike Bottomley bt Peter Quinn
2 Peter Spiller bt Gina Lewis
3 Tim Masterton bt Bryan Rees
4 Sam Murray bt Andrew Wise
5 Brian Christmas bt Michael Finnigan
6 Neil Coote bt Richard Williamson
7 Brian Shorney bt Jeffrey Rushby


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