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Derek Watts and David Turner won the Middlesbrough B-Level Tournament

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pictureDerek Watts - a winner (Photo: Charles Waterfield)

by Charles Waterfield at Middlesbrough Croquet Club
3 July 2011 (AC)

Derek Watts won Block A in the Middlesborough B Level Tournament and David Turner won Block B

Over a wonderfully sunny weekend, we welcomed four visitors from distant parts, alongside players from Tyneside, Belsay Hall and Middlesbrough in our region. The three lawns were in excellent condition and the 2.5 hour time limit was rarely exceeded.

The competition was played in the two blocks of six below. In addition to the five 'internal' rounds, there was an extra round (played first on the Sunday) pairing players from each block sorted by their (Hands Egyptian) rating changes after the first three rounds. Andrew Killick (in his first advanced event) substituted for David Turner on two occasions and once for Jonathan Toye. The final position in Block B was decided on who-beat-who and went to David Turner over Dennis Scarr. Derek Watts, with 4 wins, was clear winner of Block A.

Block A

Robbie Dodds (Shrewsbury) 0
Phill Scarr (Middlesbrough) 0.5
Peter McDermott (Middlesbrough) 1
Peter Thompson (Hull) 1.5
Derek Watts (Tyneside) 2
Phil Errington (Belsay Hall) 2.5

Block B

Andrew Webb (Pendle & Craven) 4.5
Roger Staples (Middlesbrough) 5
Dennis Scarr (Middlesbrough) 6
Derek Old (Belsay Hall) 7
Jonathan Toye (Downham) 7
David Turner (Tyneside) 7
Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) 8

Round 1

Robbie Dodds bt Phill Scarr +21qp
Peter Thompson bt Peter McDermott +20
Derek Watts bt Phil Errington +24
Andrew Webb bt Roger Staples +13
Dennis Scarr bt Derek Old +20
Andrew Killick bt Jonathan Toye +9

Round 2

Robbie Dodds bt Peter McDermott +17
Phill Scarr bt Derek Watts +17
Phil Errington bt Peter Thompson +4
Dennis Scarr bt Andrew Webb +2
Jonathan Toye bt Roger Staples +4
David Turner bt Derek Old +16

Round 3

Robbie Dodds bt Peter Thompson +22
Phil Errington bt Phill Scarr +5
Derek Watts bt Peter McDermott +5
Derek Old bt Andrew Webb +4
Andrew Killick bt Roger Staples +6t
Dennis Scarr bt Jonathan Toye +13

Round 4

Robbie Dodds bt Dennis Scarr +8
Phil Errington bt David Turner +16
Derek Watts bt Derek Old +21
Peter Thompson bt Jonathan Toye +1
Phill Scarr bt Andrew Webb +1t
Roger Staples bt Peter McDermott +2

Round 5

Derek Watts bt Robbie Dodds +12
Phill Scarr bt Peter Thompson +23
Peter McDermott bt Phil Errington +17
Andrew Webb bt Jonathan Toye +20
Derek Old bt Roger Staples +15
David Turner bt Dennis Scarr +1t

Round 6

Phil Errington bt Robbie Dodds +17
Phill Scarr bt Peter McDermott +8t
Derek Watts bt Peter Thompson +16
David Turner bt Andrew Webb +6t
Roger Staples bt Dennis Scarr +14
Andrew Killick bt Derek Old +14


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