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Ryan Cabble won the Wiltshire GC Championship

[<<] [>>] by Brian Fisk at Hamptworth CC
10th July 2011 (GC - Championships)

The 16 players were placed into two blocks of 8. Block games were single 19 point games. By the end of day one there were some very tired players having played 7 19 point games - next year I've promised to make the block stages easier :-). The top two from each block played semi-finals and finals. The rest played off for the minor placings. The semi-finals and finals were all untimed best of three 13 point games.

In a thrilling, closely fought final Ryan Cabble finally overcame New Zealander Stephen Piercy to win the final of the Wiltshire GC Championship. In the first game of the final Ryan and Stephen were neck and neck at 5-5 when Ryan suddenly found his form and won the next two hoops with his trademark long hard hoop shots. Stephen replied in the next game using his less spectacular but more careful style to win 7-5. In the final game Ryan pulled into an early two hoop lead but Stephen slowly reeled him in so he forced the match to the 13th hoop. Here they both had their chances to win Ryan several times missing hoop shots from the north boundary and Stephen having jawsed red failed to promote it through with a shot by yellow from the north boundary. Ryan then played blue through the jaws to clear red and interpose blue in front of the hoop. Yellow was unable to intervene, black cleared red and red was unable to clear blue so Ryan had a simple hoop to finish and win. Congratulations to Ryan.

Everyone expressed the view that it had a been a good tournament in excellent surroundings with good food even if they were rather tired after the first day. A number of players availed themselves of the opportunity to have breakfast at the club before they started play and thought this a great idea.

On the final day Frances Colman was unable to play through injury so Elaine Morrison filled in to make up numbers while Frances did a great job of refereeing and also in scoring the final. My thanks also to Richard Stevens, the club president, who did a great job assisting me in running the tournament. We were also very pleased to see Roger Jenkins amongst the spectators - he is recovering yet again from spinal problems and is currently resident in the Wessex Rehabilitation Centre at Salisbury District Hospital. I'm sure he would very much welcome any visitors as he is away from his home in Bristol.

Final Placings

Ryan Cabble, Nailsea 1
Stephen Piercy, New Zealand 2
John Van der Touw, Australia 3
Ian Morrison, Lansdown 4
Donald Beck, Surbiton 5
Tony Hall, Australia 6
Richard Brooks, SCCC 7
Chris Roberts, Phyllis Ct 8
Les Bowker, Cheltenham 9
Alwen Bowker, Cheltenham 10
Helena Fensome, Phyllis Ct 11
Pam Mead, Phyllis Ct 12
Carol Piercy, New Zealand 13
Frances Colman, Phyllis Ct 14
Richard Harris, Ryde 15
Klim Seabright, Cheltenham 16
Elaine Morrison, Lansdown n/a


Block Games (19 Point Single Games)

Ryan Cabble beat Tony Hall 10-4
Stephen Piercy beat Richard Brooks 10-6
Alwen Bowker beat Klim Seabright 10-7
Frances Colman beat Pam Mead 9-8
Ryan Cabble beat Frances Colman 10-8
Stephen Piercy beat Tony Hall 10-3
Alwen Bowker beat Richard Brooks 10-7
Klim Seabright beat Pam Mead 10-7
Ryan Cabble beat Richard Brooks 10-6
Pam Mead beat Tony Hall 10-8
Alwen Bowker beat Frances Colman 10-3
Stephen Piercy beat Klim Seabright 10-3
Ryan Cabble beat Klim Seabright 10-7
Richard Brooks beat Pam Mead 10-5
Tony Hall beat Alwen Bowker 10-8
Stephen Piercy beat Frances Colman 10-8
Ryan Cabble beat Stephen Piercy 10-7
Pam Mead beat Alwen Bowker 8-7
Tony Hall beat Richard Brooks 10-7
Frances Colman beat Klim Seabright 10-6
Pam Mead beat Ryan Cabble 10-9
Stephen Piercy beat Alwen Bowker 8-7
Tony Hall beat Frances Colman 10-6
Richard Brooks beat Klim Seabright 10-9
Ryan Cabble beat Alwen Bowker 8-7
Tony Hall beat Klim Seabright 10-5
Stephen Piercy beat Pam Mead 10-8
Richard Brooks beat Frances Colman 10-9
John Van der Touw beat Donald Beck 10-6
Chris Roberts beat Ian Morrison 7-6
Les Bowker beat Richard Harris 10-7
Helena Fensome beat Carol Piercy 10-7
John Van der Touw beat Helena Fensome 10-7
Ian Morrison beat Donald Beck 10-8
Chris Roberts beat Richard Harris 10-8
Les Bowker beat Carol Piercy 10-3
John Van der Touw beat Chris Roberts 8-5
Donald Beck beat Carol Piercy 10-4
Helena Fensome beat Richard Harris 10-4
Les Bowker beat Ian Morrison 9-8
John Van der Touw beat Les Bowker 8-7
Chris Roberts beat Carol Piercy 10-5
Donald Beck beat Richard Harris 10-8
Ian Morrison beat Helena Fensome 10-9
Ian Morrison beat John Van der Touw 8-6
Carol Piercy beat Richard Harris 10-9
Donald Beck beat Chris Roberts 10-9
Les Bowker beat Helena Fensome 10-9
John Van der Touw beat Carol Piercy 10-4
Ian Morrison beat Richard Harris 10-5
Donald Beck beat Helena Fensome 10-6
Les Bowker beat Chris Roberts 5-6
John Van der Touw beat Richard Harris 9-7
Donald Beck beat Les Bowker 10-5
Ian Morrison beat Carol Piercy 9-7
Helena Fensome beat Chris Roberts 9-8

Main Event KO (Best of 3 13 Point Games)

Ryan Cabble beat Ian Morrison 6-7,7-3,7-5
Stephen Piercy beat John Van der Touw 2-7,7-2,7-6
Ryan Cabble beat Stephen Piercy 7-5,5-7,7-6
John Van der Touw beat Ian Morrison 7-6,7-3

Consolation Event (Best of 3 13 Point Games)

Donald Beck beat Tony Hall 7-4,6-7,7-6
Richard Brooks beat Chris Roberts 7-6,7-6
Les Bowker beat Alwen Bowker 7-5,7-4
Helena Fensome beat Pam Mead 7-6,7-2
Carol Piercy beat Elaine Morrison 7-4,7-5
Richard Harris beat Kim Seabright 7-0,7-3
Richard Harris beat Elaine Morrison 7-3,6-7,7-2
Kim Seabright beat Carol Piercy 7-2,5-7,7-5

Single 13 Point Games

Les Bowker beat Richard Brooks 7-2
Chris Roberts beat Alwen Bowker 7-5
Tony Hall beat Les Bowker 7-3
Klim Seabright beat Helena Fensome 7-6
Helena Fensome beat Klim Seabright 7-6


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