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The CA beat the Irish CA

[<<] [>>] by Paul Rigge at Fylde Croquet Club
17 Jul 2011 (International)

The Vera McWeeney Trophy was retained by this year's CA squad at Fylde CC. This was the 29th time that England has played Ireland with both having previously held the title fourteen times, England now having the bragging rights 15-14.

With the overnight score of 13-10 in our favour, it should have been an easy morning's work to secure the final point required for victory in the last round of doubles outstanding before the visitors left for the airport for their lunchtime flight.However they seemed to dominate most of the play and it appeared at times that only Irish players had turned up since they were occupying all three courts, indeed there was much speculation that if the three doubles went the wrong way, to level the score, the 'dead' singles game from Saturday would have to be played after lunch (Burnett vs Morrison). This proved unnecessary with the final three scores all being secured in timed games, final result; 15-11 after some very nervy play with single-yard roquets being missed and wrong balls being played.

The weather was cold, windy, wet and miserable, just the opposite in fact of Fylde CC's hospitality, that was nothing short of superb; They acted as taxi's from/to the airport. The club was bedecked with appropriate bunting and national flags. Local press came down for interviews and pictures that made both the front page and all of page 3 on Saturday (do not ask who modelled for the p3 shot! - no don't!). They billeted all the visitors with club members including feeding and watering them for the weekend. New solid friendships were made this weekend. The Irish were a delight and both teams played in excellent spirit.

Full Results


Nathaniel Healy beat James Hawkins +15
Bob Burnett beat Robert Barklie +9
Lee Hartley beat Jane Morrison +16
Michael O'Shaughnessy beat David Roe +16
Ben Reeves Smith beat Brian Lewis +8
Peter Wilson beat Jack Clingan +5

Lee Hartley beat Nathaniel Healy +8
James Hawkins beat Robert Barklie +14
Michael O'Shaughnessy beat Brian Lewis +22
Peter Wilson beat Ben Reeves Smith +10t
Jack Clingan beat David Roe +11

Bob Burnett beat Nathaniel Healy +5
Lee Hartley beat Robert Barklie +8
Jane Morrison beat James Hawkins +2
Peter Wilson beat Michael O'Shaughnessy +26
David Roe beat Ben Reeves Smith +8
Jack Clingan beat Brian Lewis +13


Healy & Clingan beat Hartley & Roe +26
Hawkins & Wilson beat Barklie & Reeves Smith +22
Burnett & Lewis beat Morrison & O'Shaughnessy +19

Healy & Clingan beat Burnett & Lewis +17
Barklie & Reeves Smith beat Hartley & Roe +14
Hawkins & Wilson beat Morrison & O'Shaughnessy +12

Healy & Clingan beat Alan Pidcock* & Wilson +2t
Burnett & Lewis beat Barklie & Reeves Smith +1t
Hartley & Roe beat Morrison & O'Shaughnessy +1t

*Alan Picock was substituted for James Hawkins on Sunday Morning.


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