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Sam Murray won the Nottingham C-Level Advanced

[<<] [>>] by Bob Thompson at Nottingham Croquet Club
31 July 2011 (AC)

Sam Murray 4.5 (Surbiton) won the Nottingham C Level Advanced event, winning the Eclipse Goblet.
Sam was the only player with 4/4 (100%) wins on Sunday afternoon.
Don Martin & Peter Moore were runners up with 80%

Sam Murray 4/4 (100%)
Don Martin 4/5 (80%)
Peter Moore 4/5 (80%)
Bob Thompson 3/4 (75%)
Clive Goode 3/5 (60%)
John Gale 3/5 (60%)
David Brydon 3/6 (50%)
Derek Buxton 2/4(50%)

Players less than 50%
Mick Haytack
Jonathan Toye
John Thirlwell
David Woodhouse
Dave Gunn
Roger Loram

John Thirlwell beat Dave Gunn +21
Jonathan Toye beat Mick Haytack +6
Sam Murray beat David Brydon +3
Peter Moore beat Derek Buxton +16T
Don Martin beat John Gale +7
Clive Goode beat Roger Loram +20
Bob Thompson beat David Woodhouse +16T
Jonathan Toye beat John Thirlwell +11
Mick Haytack beat Dave Gunn +4
Clive Goode beat Don Martin +5
John Gale beat Roger Loram +13
David Brydon beat Peter Moore +23
Derek Buxton beat David Woodhouse +9T
Sam Murray beat Bob Thompson +8
Clive Goode beat Jonathan Toye +15
Mick Haytack beat John Thirlwell +14
Don Martin beat Dave Gunn +22
David Brydon beat Roger Loram +19
Peter Moore beat John Gale +10
Sam Murray beat Mick Haytack +4
Bob Thompson beat Derek Buxton +5
John Thirlwell beat David Woodhouse +22
David Brydon beat Clive Goode +3
John Gale beat Dave Gunn +6
Peter Moore beat Jonathan Toye +24
Don Martin beat Roger Loram +22
Derek Buxton beat John Thirlwell +3
David Woodhouse beat Roger Loram +9T
Sam Murray beat Clive Goode +10
Don Martin beat David Brydon +5
John Gale beat Jonathan Toye +23
Peter Moore beat Dave Gunn +6T
Bob Thompson beat Mick Haytack +8
John Gale beat David Brydon +11


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