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Nottingham Week Results

[<<] [>>] by Peter Death at Nottingham Croquet Club
20 August 2011 (AC - Mixed)

Conditions were dry all week, with lawns increasing in pace. This led to
some long games, and few peeling victories. Sanaa Hallam gained his Gold
award for his first tournament triple, with one triple apiece from Ian
Vincent and John Davis. Ian Burridge, playing only in the Doubles with his
9 year old son Euan did a qpo in his first match, after taking a bisque to
gain the innings.

Event 1: Robin Hood Gold Cup (Handicap Singles 27 Entries)

Flexible Swiss followed by KO play-off for top 8


Omied Hallam beat Michael Finnigan +12
Bob Thompson beat Barbara Young +14
Sanaa Hallam beat Patricia Duke-Cox +14
David Brydon beat Clive Goode +8


Bob Thompson beat Omied Hallam +2
Sanaa Hallam beat David Brydon +18


Sanaa Hallam beat Bob Thompson +8

Event 2: Open Singles (Advanced Play 9 Entries)

American block followed by play-off

Ian Vincent 8/8
John Davis, Alain Giraud 6/8
Sanaa Hallam, Brian Hallam, John Filsak 4/8
Rob Edlin-White 1/7
Peter Death, Gordon Hopewell 0/6


Alain Giraud beat John Davis +23
Alain Giraud beat Ian Vincent +17, +13

Event 3: B-Level Singles (Advanced Play 11 Entries)

2 American blocks followed by play-off

Michael Finnigan, Peter Moore 3/4
Mike Bowser, Patricia Duke-Cox 2/4
Cliff Daniel 0/4

Bob Thompson 5/5
David Brydon 4/5
Clive Goode 3/5
Tony Whateley, Barbara Young, Roger Berkeley 1/5


David Brydon beat Michael Finnigan +10
Bob Thompson beat Peter Moore +8
Bob Thompson beat David Brydon w/o (David had to attend a wedding on
Saturday afternoon, and time did not permit a final to be played)

Event 4: C-Level Singles (Ordinary Level Singles 3 Entries)

Double American blocks

Omied Hallam 4/4
Esther Jones 2/4
Derek Buxton 0/4

Event 5: D Handicap Singles (Handicap Singles Full Bisque Base 10, 3

Double American blocks

Sandy Brown 4/4
Geoff Young 2/4
Ken Knowles 0/4

Event 6: Handicap Doubles (11 Pairs)

Single life


Ian Vincent & Patricia Duke-Cox beat Gordon Hopewell & Sandy Brown +1t
Brian Hallam & Philippine Geiszler beat Ian & Euan Burridge +19


Vincent & Duke-Cox beat Hallam & Geiszler +1t


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