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Sussex CC August Tournament Results

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21 Aug 2011 (Other News)

Class A

Winner Craig Oakley
Type single
Format Swiss
Order firstname

Games 20
1 Alan Edwards beat Bob Stephens +19
2 Craig Oakley beat David Mumford +19tp
3 Gerard Healy beat Mary Knapp +4
4 Dick Knapp beat John Taylor +5
5 Craig Oakley beat Alan Edwards +8
6 Gerard Healy beat Dick Knapp +3
7 David Mumford beat Bob Stephens +15
8 John Taylor beat Mary Knapp +10
9 Craig Oakley beat Gerard Healy +11
10 Dick Knapp beat Alan Edwards +11
11 John Taylor beat David Mumford +3
12 Mary Knapp beat Bob Stephens +17
13 Craig Oakley beat Dick Knapp +3
14 Gerard Healy beat Alan Edwards +16
15 Mary Knapp beat David Mumford +4
16 Bob Stephens beat John Taylor +10
17 Craig Oakley beat Mary Knapp +5
18 Gerard Healy beat John Taylor +21
19 Bob Stephens beat Dick Knapp +20
20 Alan Edwards beat David Mumford +22

Class B

Winner Jon Palin
Type single
Format American block
Order firstname

Games 15
1 Jonathan Isaacs beat Doug Sinclair +1t
2 Jeff Rushby beat John Gosney +20
3 Jon Palin beat Richard Jackson +14
4 Jeff Rushby beat Jonathan Isaacs +19
5 Doug Sinclair beat Richard Jackson +1t
6 Jon Palin beat John Gosney +24
7 Jon Palin beat Jonathan Isaacs +3t
8 John Gosney beat Richard Jackson +1t
9 Doug Sinclair beat Jeff Rushby +3t
10 Jonathan Isaacs beat John Gosney +3t
11 Jon Palin beat Doug Sinclair +14
12 Jeff Rushby beat Richard Jackson +21
13 Jon Palin beat Jeff Rushby +15
14 Doug Sinclair beat John Gosney +24
15 Jonathan Isaacs beat Richard Jackson +17

Class C

Winner Luc Berthouze
Type single
Format American block
Order firstname

Games 15
1 David Cook beat Anne Stephens +10
2 Luc Berthouze beat Pat Jackson +19t
3 Quiller Barrett beat Steve Lewendon +4t
4 David Cook beat Pat Jackson +23
5 Anne Stephens beat Quiller Barrett +17
6 Luc Berthouze beat Steve Lewendon +8t
7 David Cook beat Steve Lewendon +13
8 Luc Berthouze beat Quiller Barrett +13
9 Pat Jackson beat Anne Stephens +6t
10 Luc Berthouze beat David Cook +1t
11 Anne Stephens beat Steve Lewendon +8t
12 Quiller Barrett beat Pat Jackson +19
13 Pat Jackson beat Steve Lewendon +5
14 Luc Berthouze beat Anne Stephens +2t
15 David Cook beat Quiller Barrett +4


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