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Results from 110th Annual Tournament at Hunstanton

[<<] [>>] by Martin Kolbuszewski at Hunstanton Croquet Club
30 August 2011 (AC)

Event Winners

Handicap (Egyptian): 1. Martin Kolbuszewski
2. Timothy Race
3. Hugh Carlisle
A class (advanced, block): Philip Eardley
B class (advanced, block): Terrey Sparks
C class (advanced, block): Patricia Duke-Cox
D class (advanced, block): Hugh Carlisle

Results of Advanced Games

Gary Bennett beat Nick Harris +12
David Tutt beat Duncan Hector +24
Jeff Race beat George Noble +13
Colin Hemming beat Chris Donovan +9
Bryan Saddington beat Malcolm O'Connell +3(t)
Terrey Sparks beat Ken Wheeler +11
Veronica Carlisle beat Neil Chalmers +1(t)
Patricia Duke Cox beat Celia Pearce +7(t)
Hugh Carlisle beat Georgeen Hemming +10(t)
Tim Race beat Martin Kolbuszewski +15
Philip Eardley beat Duncan Hector +24
Gary Bennett beat George Noble +13
David Tutt beat Jeff Race +10
Su Stenhouse beat Veronica Carlisle +11
Patricia Duke Cox beat Neil Chalmers +11
Colin Hemming beat Malcolm O'Connell +20
Terrey Sparks beat Bryan Saddington +6
Ken Wheeler beat Chris Donovan +11
Philip Eardley beat David Tutt +11
Jeff Race beat Nick Harris +14
George Noble beat Duncan Hector +26 tp
Hugh Carlisle beat Tim Race +14
Martin Kolbuszewski beat Georgeen Hemming +11(t)
Tim Race beat Jonathan Toye +12
Nick Harris beat George Noble +15
Philip Eardley beat Jeff Race +25
David Tutt beat Gary Bennett +18
Chris Donovan beat Bryan Saddington +8
Terrey Sparks beat Malcolm O'Connell +18
Colin Hemming beat Ken Wheeler +23
Celia Pearce beat Su Stenhouse +1(t)
Patricia Duke Cox beat Veronica Carlisle +20
Tim Race beat Georgeen Hemming +12
Hugh Carlisle beat Jonathan Toye +23
Jeff Race beat Duncan Hector +17
Nick Harris beat David Tutt +25
Philip Eardley beat Gary Bennett +5
Nick Harris beat Duncan Hector +17
Gary Bennett beat Jeff Race +9
Terrey Sparks beat Colin Hemming +25
Bryan Saddington beat Ken Wheeler +16
Chris Donovan beat Malcolm O'Connell +19
Veronica Carlisle beat Celia Pearce +1(t)
Neil Chalmers beat Su Stenhouse +2(t)
Georgeen Hemming beat Jonathan Toye +5
Martin Kolbuszewski beat Hugh Carlisle +4(t)
Philip Eardley beat George Noble +17
Ken Wheeler beat Malcolm O'Connell +17
Chris Donovan beat Terrey Sparks +15
Colin Hemming beat Bryan Saddington +9
Neil Chalmers beat Celia Pearce +18
Patricia Duke Cox beat Su Stenhouse +4
Jonathan Toye beat Martin Kolbuszewski +20
David Tutt beat George Noble +12
Duncan Hector beat Gary Bennett +15
Nick Harris beat Philip Eardley +25


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