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Ian Lines won the Southport Advanced Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Ian Lines at Southport Advanced Tournament
18 September 2011 (AC)

Ian Lines won the Southport Advanced Tournament beating Lionel Tibble in the final +26, +26tp

The weather was unfortunately just a little wet on Saturday, but we still had two lawns playable all day. A few of the local entrants from the original field of 19 very kindly volunteered to stand down, and the knock-out draw was rapidly rejigged for a reduced field of 14.

There weren't any major surprises on the Saturday, and we managed to progress the event as far as completing the second round, even with only two lawns. The lawns were a little tricky because of the weather conditions, but the hoops were not overly difficult in the damp ground.

On Sunday morning, the sun shone and 4 lawns were available all day. In the semi finals Lionel Tibble rapidly dispatched Dave Nick +24, and Paul Rigge was in a strong position having got to peg and 4 back with break v 1 and 1 against Ian Lines. However, Paul failed to make 4 back, and Ian hit and finished in two turns +5tp despite Paul hitting the lift with his peg ball.

In the final, Ian got to peg and peg in three turns, and finished next turn +26 without Lionel taking croquet. Lionel did take croquet briefly at the start of game 2, before taking off short and missing, allowing Ian to finish in two turns +26tp and retain the Sandiford Salver.

The consolation plate was adjudged to have been won by Paul Rigge.

Many thanks to Southport for coping so well with the challenging weather conditions on Saturday and for the excellent catering all weekend.

First Round
Lionel Tibble beat Collin Southern +20
Michael Sandler beat James Hawkins +9
Paul Rigge beat Doreen Crawford +16
John Haslam beat Tom Crawford +1(T)
Ray Lowe beat Tom Griffith +5
Richard H Smith beat Brian Kerr +18

Second Round
Ian Lines beat Mike Sandler +23
Lionel Tibble beat John Haslam +15
Paul Rigge beat Ray Lowe +21
Dave Nick beat Richard H Smith +10

Semi Final
Lionel Tibble beat Dave Nick +24
Ian Lines beat Paul Rigge +5tp

Final (best of 3)
Ian Lines beat Lionel Tibble +26, +26tp

James Hawkins beat Collin Southern +2
Tom Griffith beat Doreen Crawford +17
Brian Kerr beat Tom Crawford +13
Ray Lowe beat Michael Sandler +14
Dave Nick beat Paul Rigge +7tpo
Tom Griffith beat Richard H Smith +9(T)
Collin Southern beat Doreen Crawford +5(T)
James Hawkins beat Tom Crawford +3
Mike Sandler beat Brian Kerr +12
John Haslam beat Tom Griffith +9
Richard H Smith beat Ray Lowe +6
Dave Nick beat Brian Kerr +14
Tom Griffith beat Michael Sandler +20
Paul Rigge beat John Haslam +22
Ray Lowe beat Collin Southern +25
Dave Nick beat Brian Kerr +14
Richard H Smith beat James Hawkins +14
Michael Sandler beat Collin Southern +15
Richard H Smith beat Brian Kerr +20
James Hawkins beat Ray Lowe +23
Paul Rigge beat Tom Griffith +5

Ian Lines (-1.5) 4/4 2 tps
Dave Nick (-1) 4/5 1 tpo
Lionel Tibble (-1.5) 3/5
Paul Rigge (-0.5) 4/6
Tom Griffith (0.5) 3/6
John Haslam (-0.5) 2/4
Richard H Smith (0) 4/6
Michael Sandler (1) 3/6
James Hawkins (0.5) 3/5
Brian Kerr (1.5) 1/6
Tom Crawford (1.5) 0/3
Ray Lowe (1.5) 3/6
Doreen Crawford (8) 0/3
Collin Southern (3) 1/5

14 games in main event and 21 in plate


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