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Dave Nick beat James Hopgood to win the Southport Advanced Weekend

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14/15 April 2012 (AC)

The final wasn't short of interactivity - Hopgood TPOed Nick in the first and reduced the game to two balls, before a late fightback. The two following games were much more democratic (i.e. scrappy) than the hoop scores might indicate.

Meanwhile, Bury's Matt Holmes beat Alain Giraud to win the final of the condolence event.

First Round

James Hopgood bt Ray Lowe +19tp
Matt Holmes bt Derek Knight +17
Alain Giraud bt Alan Pidcock +19
Peter McDermott bt Lee Hartley +21
Jerry Guest bt Rachel Rowe +17
Dennis Graham bt Arthur Rowe +9
Dave Nick bt Carol Lewis +2


James Hopgood bt Matt Holmes +6
Alain Giraud bt James Hawkins +17tp
Jerry Guest bt Peter McDermott +26
Dave Nick bt Dennis Graham +20


James Hopgood bt Alain Giraud +17tp -9 +24
Dave Nick bt Jerry Guest +14 +6


Dave Nick bt James Hopgood +4otp -20tp +26

Full Result (Including Condolence Event):

Hopgood bt Lowe +19tp
Holmes bt Knight +17
Giraud bt Pidcock +19
McDermott bt Hartley +21
Guest bt Rachel Rowe +17
Graham bt Arthur Rowe +9
Nick bt Lewis +2
Rachel Rowe bt Knight +16
Giraud bt Hawkins +17tp
Hopgood bt Holmes +6
Pidcock bt Lowe +10
Guest bt McDermott +26
Hartley bt Arthur Rowe +7
Nick bt Graham +20
Knight bt Lewis +23
Rachel Rowe bt McDermott +10
Hopgood bt Giraud +17tp -9 +24
Hawkins bt Holmes +5
Nick bt Guest +14 +6
Hartley bt Graham +25
Holmes bt Arthur Rowe +23
Hawkins bt Knight +12
Lewis bt Rachel Rowe +12
Holmes bt Hartley +14
Nick bt Hawkins +17
Guest bt Holmes +8
Hartley bt Rachel Rowe +12
Pidcock bt Graham +12
Knight bt McDermott +5
Lowe bt Arthur Rowe +12
Holmes bt Lewis +24
Giraud bt Guest +12
Hawkins bt Rachel Rowe +13
Nick bt Hopgood +4otp -20tp +26
Hartley bt Lowe +3
Arthur Rowe bt Lewis +10
Holmes bt Giraud +15
Knight bt Guest +20
Hawkins bt Graham +20


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