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Reg Bamford beat David Openshaw to win the Resort Invitational

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10th September 2001 (International)

Reg Bamford beat David Openshaw in a best of three finals to win the $1500.00 first place prize. The scores; +26qp, +26qp. Openshaw won $1000.00 for runner-up.

Simon Williams beat Kenster Rosenberry in the best of three match for 3rd and 4th places. The scores; +5tp, +26sxp. Simon won $600.00 and Kenster $400.00 for their efforts.

All participants received small quaich cups, replicas of the permanent trophy held at The Resort.

The finals were played under a warm sun, a blue sky and a crowd including one couple who drove from Montana (13 hours) to see the croquet at The Resort. For that effort they were the player's guests at the morning courtside breakfast.

Openshaw had four TPs, Rosenberry 5 TPs, Cordingley and Williams 4 TPs and Bamford and Williams 1 SXP. Bamford 1 QNP and 2 TPs. Soo 3 TPs and Davis 1.

This event provides a relaxed environment that is very supportive of the players, providing them many comforts and respect they deserve. Also, after four games a day lots of time for golf and other forms of relaxation.

We had excellent media coverage (as usual) from two of the TV major networks in Portland and two major radio stations plus the written press including the Oregonian. One TV segment was one of the best photo journalism collages I have ever seen on croquet. Almost 2 minutes worth. All the media treated the competition as a sporting event, not a social garden party. However on one of the three TV segments Reg, Shane and Simon and yours truly did perform a bit of background singing with steps and clacking croquet equipment supporting the TV anchor who sang an original song for the departing long time producer.

We are trying to get a copy of the film to add to a local web page to allow our friends in croquet to enjoy. The CD, we understand, will not be in record stores soon.

The Final (Jeff Soo)

First game was a normal Bamfordian 5th turn quad. Second game, despite the identical score-line, was a bit different. David opened to mid-court (super-shot), Reg replied to peg high east boundary, David missed leaving a double which Reg hit. Reg made 4 hoops then stuffed 5. As chance would have it, he had previously cross-wired David's balls at 3. David missed but Reg's octuple attempt ended with a failed hoop 1. David missed a shot at Reg's ball nearly in the jaws of hoop 6 (getting an unlucky bounce off the hoop). Reg did a 5-hoop break with 3 peels, before over-rolling hoop 6 and retreating. David missed and Reg finished.

In all Reg won 14 out of 16 games, with two triples, seven quadruples, one quintuple, and one sextuple. He also played an impressive amount of golf. He and David even played a few holes at 7 this morning, before leaving for the airport.

Simon Williams's sextuple to win the 3rd place match against Kenster Rosenberry was a very good turn, ending with a straight double. There were a couple of longish hoop approaches, plus a near disaster with the Irish peel at penult, otherwise a very tidy break.

Final Results

1. Reg Bamford 14-2
2. David Openshaw 9-7
3. Simon Williams 10-6
4. Kenster Rosenberry 7-9
5. Jeff Soo 7-7
6. Phil Cordingley 6-8
7. Shane Davis 4-10
8. John Surgenor 3-11

In 2002 the event will be held September 4-8. Same format with a mix of repeat and new players.


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