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The Panther lifts the South of England Championship

[<<] [>>] by Roger Wood at Compton, Eastbourne
Sept. 14-16 2001 (AC - Championships)

Championship (for O'Callaghan Gold Cup)

Round 1

David Kibble beat Jenny Williams +24 -3 +26(TP)
John Gibbons beat Tim Wilkins -4 +24 +25
Paul Castell beat Alex Leggate +16 -25 +15
Brian Hallam beat Paul Duckworth +12 +3

Round 2

David Kibble beat David Maugham +16 +26(TP)
Chris Patmore beat Gordon Hopewell -10 +26 +12
Peter Trimmer beat Louise Bradforth +25 +19
John Gibbons beat Keith Aiton -9(TPO) +12(TP) +26
Debbie Cornelius beat Paul Castell -1 +5 +26(TP)
Ed Duckworth beat Tom Weston +6 +17
Jack Davies beat Bob Stephens -2 +10 +8
David Harrison-Wood beat Brian Hallam +24(TP) +25


Kibble beat Patmore -16 +8(TPO) +5
Gibbons beat Trimmer +17 +26
E Duckworth beat Cornelius +5(STP) +11
Harrison-Wood beat Davies -2 +20(TP) +24(TP)


Kibble beat Gibbons +18 +17(TP)
Harrison-Wood beat E Duckworth -23 +14 +24


HARRISON-WOOD beat Kibble +24 +12(TP)

Third Place Play-Off

E Duckworth beat Gibbons +5

Swiss (for Sussex Union Cup)

1. Maugham 7/9
2. Aiton 7/10 *
3. Wilkins 6/10 *
4. Trimmer 3/5
5. Patmore 4/7
6. Castell 6/12
7. Cornelius 4/8
8. Hallam 5/11
9. Williams 4/9
10= P Duckworth, Weston 3/7
12. Davies 3/8 *
13. Leggate 3/10
14. Hopewell 2/7
15. Stephens 1/8

Peeling prize: Aiton (5 TPs)

Panther Licks Kibble7

lawn 3
conditions: medium / quick - quick enough for the slopes around the hoops to have an effect but not difficult. hoops reasonably firm.

Game 1

Panther standard EB.
Kibble C2
P 3 yard join south on EB
K miss south ball on EB
P, round to 4b with poor D-spread leaving 11 yd shot from end of B-baulk at partner
K misses
P to peg with OSL (?)
K misses
P finishes +24

Somewhere in that K must have taken croquet. I remember getting poor position for 1 and making it without a break, poor position for 2 and making it, OK position for 3 and sticking.

Game 2

K super-shot, 3yds SW of peg
P S of C2
K miss
P hit double, round to 4b, except in making D-spread tries ambitious 1 ft roll leaving SB snookered from partner by peg ball. tries jump and fails to EB, leaving K with 5mm rush near to 1.
K takes rush but over-hits, rolls up to 1 leaving 2 ft hoop stick.
P roquets partner with hoop 1 ball, puts other ball to 2 approaching ball in jaws of 1; roquets ball just through the hoop
approaches to same position as K by using the slope, bounces off to almost wired position
K hits using the slope, approaches 1 to good position, realises now for 2, DOH! join at 2
P misses
K round to 4b with P's 4-b ball on 2 and wired rush to 2; P's hoop1 ball off EB N of hoop 4
P lifts forward ball and misses partner into C4
K establishes delayed TP position but over-hits peelee beyond 4-b so needs rush out of 5, slightly hampered after 5 and carelessly misses roquet.
P has all the balls and finishes with well controlled standard TP


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