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Ramsgate 14-point Advanced Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Jonathan Lamb
Sept 8-9 2001 (AC)

WHERE: On three of Ramsgate's excellent lawns, overlooking the sea

WHEN: The second weekend in September

WHAT: A 14-pt advanced tournament, the last before it becomes a B-class 26-pt advanced

WHY: Not enough interest, apparently: though a great weekend was had this time by a field of 12, with handicaps from 2 upwards.

WHO: John Cosier, David Dray, Bruno Eeman, Tony Falcon-Uff, Len Hawkins, Koen Heidbuchel, Jonathan Lamb, Keith Noble, John Prentice, Dennis Shaw, Roy Ware, Ron Welch

WEATHER: Bright and sunny, not too windy

WHICH: Must have favoured the locals, because Roy Ware took the trophy with nine wins out of eleven, followed by Ron Welch on eight. Bruno Eeman led a Belgian pack of seven-winners, on points. The commonest cry of the weekend was 'Oh, not again!' as Roy hit in imperturbably from 40 yards, followed by 'Mine's a ginger beer' after the game. Mary managed magnificently; there was shepherd's pie and apple meringue from new Ramsgate members Margaret Chambers and Shirley Pierson; Zoe Hawkins kept an experienced eye on culinary proceedings; and the waistlines of the Belgians belged prominently as they left. The lawns were a revelation compared with the ones they had replaced: not fast but impressively true. There were no triples, but one or two valiant attempts which were shamefully robbed of success by the most OUTRAGEOUS BAD LUCK. All in all it was a very successful tournament, with most games completed in an hour or so, and it seemed to leave opinions divided about the 14-pt versus the 26-pt game. Next year will no doubt see Roy and Mary apply their respective skills in a different but equally enjoyable format.


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