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Middlesbrough beat Huddersfield 5-2

[<<] [>>] by Elizabeth Larsson at Middlesbrough Croquet Club
26 May 2012 (AC - Secretary's Shield)

Middlesbrough beat Hudderfield 5-2


(Middlesbrough names first)

Andrew Killick (5) & Nigel Roberts ((14) lost to Trevor Billard (4) & Malcolm Daines (5) -6
Walter Sanders (14) beat Denise Hoyle (18) +4
John Fitzpatrick (15) beat Anna Giraud (8) +15

Andrew Killick beat Trevor Billard +23
Nigel Roberts lost to Malcolm Daines -4
Walter Sanders beat Anna Giraud +26
John Fitzpatrick beat Denise Hoyle +14

Middlesbrough entertained Huddersfield in glorious sunshine to a festival of Croquet. All games were completed within the 3 hour 15 minute time limit, albeit that one of the morning games had just 44 secs left on the clock! The morning games were well matched and 'Boro went into lunch just ahead 2-1. The doubles was superbly contested and a missed roquet as Billard & Daines looked like they would close out the game, gave the 'Boro pair of Killick & Roberts, the chance they were looking for. However, it was not to be as the referee was called for and a long distance pegout of opposition ball was called a fault giving the advantage back to Huddersfield who went on to win. Drinks were called for along with lunch. In the afternoon the lawns were somewhat quicker and the hoops seemed harder, but that may have been exhaustion in the heat. Killick regained the initiative in his match against Billard and established a commanding lead which saw him on penult and peg before Billard was able to establish a break, which unfortunately failed at Hoop 3. Roberts used his bisques well, but came to a stop at 4-back and peg. He was unlucky not to achieve his Bronze award. A slip up between 1-back and 2-back meant he needed to use two bisques. Daines then showed his class and took his first ball round to peg, but failed to complete his leave due to a missed roquet after rover. Roberts missed the distant target partner ball, giving the turn back to Daines who then took his second ball round and after a few interchanges when Roberts made another hoop, completed the pegout. Giraud found herself in unfamiliar territory. Sanders did not miss many of his hoops and left distant targets for Giraud to hit. Fitzpatrick enjoyed some good controlled croquet around the hoops and profited from some unfortunate misses from Hoyle. The overall result reflected an enjoyable days croquet.

Andrew Killick & Nigel Roberts


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