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Colin Hemming won the Colchester B-Level Tournament

[<<] [>>] by Colin Hemming at Colchester Croquet Club
13 May 2012 (AC)

Colin Hemming won the B Level Tournament at Colchester.

Format: Flexible Swiss
Manager: Colin Hemming (01206 572712)

1st: Colin Hemming [5 wins out of 5]
2nd: George Woolhouse [4 wins out of 5]
3rd: Terry Mahoney [4 wins out of 5]
[ 2nd & 3rd places decided by tie-breaker]

Mark Homan bt Terrey Sparks +18
Terry Mahoney bt Georgeen Hemming +17
Nick Steiner bt Gerry Varndell +26
Colin Hemming bt Neil Chalmers +11
Ian Parkinson bt Keith Saunders +21
George Woolhouse bt David Haslam +16
Ken Pickett bt Paul Miles +15

Ian Parkinson bt Nick Steiner +5T
Ken Pickett bt George Woolhouse +8
Paul Miles bt David Haslam +24
Gerry Varndell bt Keith Saunders +5T
Terry Mahoney bt Terrey Sparks +11
Colin Hemming bt Mark Homan +19
Neil Chalmers bt Georgeen Hemming +1T

Colin Hemming bt Ken Pickett +15
Mark Homan bt David Haslam +1T
George Woolhouse bt Paul Miles +13
Ian Parkinson bt Terry Mahoney +11
Nick Steiner bt Neil Chalmers +16
Georgeen Hemming bt Gerry Varndell +2T
Terrey Sparks bt Keith Saunders +13

Colin Hemming bt Ian Parkinson +1T
Paul Miles bt Mark Homan +7
Terrey Sparks bt Georgeen Hemming +17
David Haslam bt Keith Saunders +2T
George Woolhouse bt Nick Steiner +14
Neil Chalmers bt Gerry Varndell +2T
Terry Mahoney bt Ken Pickett +5

Colin Hemming bt Terry Mahoney +16
George Woolhouse bt Ian Parkinson +19
Terrey Sparks bt Paul Miles +6
Ken Pickett bt Neil Chalmers +21
Nick Steiner bt Mark Homan +11
Keith Saunders bt Georgeen Hemming +3T
David Haslam bt Gerry Varndell +1T


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