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Mark McInerney won the European Championship

[<<] [>>] by Jeremy Dyer at Jersey
25th September 2001 (International)

Mark McInerney won the European Championship, beating Stephen Mulliner in the final by 24TP. Mulliner had defeated a hapless Matt Burrow in the semis by 2-0, Matt taking some time to recover in the morning as his lack of sleep was in early evidence. McInerney had beaten Jeremy Dyer 2-1 in the other semi, winning the third in an exciting game that followed a McInerney TPO. Dyer blamed a lack of concentration on the fact that he was still feeling so elated having been refused entry to 4 night-clubs the previous evening since members of the group were deemed to be under 21. Sarah Burrow had provided some of the best play of the weekend, taking the first game off Mulliner before eventually losing 2-1 (rushing her ball onto the peg in the second when about to peg out... Sarah, you fool!) She also reached one side of the semis, beating McInerney, only to lose to him in a play-off to reduce the semi-finalists from 5 to 4.

Weather was great, sunny, and quite warm. Jersey beer is poor (Mary Ann I think, or was that that bird...?), and they still have night clubs that accommodate Viz's Fat Slags, and a 90yr old granny. Jersey CC was a superb host, accommodating and ferrying the players everywhere, and a good time was had by all. Some communal singing was had by almost all on the Sat evening after dinner, but I was very unfortunate to miss this since I had alternative arrangements that appealed more - I did catch some of the singing whilst watching the green paint dry, and it sounded good.

Some Polish bloke purporting to be Welsh won the Egyptian, with 2/2. Well done Mrozza [Tony Mrozinski (Wales)].

Tony Le Moignan played his last game for some time, or maybe forever, as he has realised that he will never be a threat to anyone. Another sport is on the horizon for him, as he seeks something where he might actually win something. Good luck Lemon, and thanks for the 'last lesson'... you are correct.

And finally, at my instigation, a two minutes silence was held at midday on Saturday to pay our respects to the lives lost in the recent events in the USA.


Round 1

Tony Le Moignan beat John Swabey +26tp
Garry McElwain beat Bruno Eeman +13
Fernando de Ansorena beat Bruno Hess +15
Peter Payne beat Philip Archer +2T
Tony Mrozinski beat Andrew Hope +1T
Sarah Burrow beat Martin Murray +11T
Norman Eatough beat Kevin Garrad +10
Juan Ojeda beat Paolo de Petra +8

Round 2

Tony Le Moignan beat Garry McElwain +7tpo
Peter Payne beat Fernando de Ansorena +10
Sarah Burrow beat Tony Mrozinski +18
Juan Ojeda beat Norman Eatough +18

Round 3

Mark McInerney beat Tony Le Moignan -9, +26tp, +5tp
Jeremy Dyer beat Peter Payne +13tp, +26tp
Stephen Mulliner beat Sarah Burrow -17, +1, +17
Matthew Burrow beat Juan Ojeda +26tp, +16


Round 1

Tony Le Moignan beat Andrew Hope +26tp
Kevin Garrad beat Fernando de Ansorena +3
Sarah Burrow beat Garry McElwain +20
Juan Ojeda beat Peter Payne +11
Tony Mrozinski beat John Swabey +26
Bruno Hess beat Norman Eatough +4
Martin Murray beat Bruno Eeman +19
Paolo de Petra beat Philip Archer +25

Round 2

Tony Le Moignan beat Kevin Garrad +13tpo
Sarah Burrow beat Juan Ojeda +15
Tony Mrozinski beat Bruno Hess +8
Paolo de Petra beat Martin Murray +14

Round 3

Matthew Burrow beat Tony Le Moignan +26
Sarah Burrow beat Mark McInerney +6
Jeremy Dyer beat Tony Mrozinski +20
Stephen Mulliner beat Paolo de Petra +13


Round 1

Mark McInerney beat Sarah Burrow +16

Round 2

Stephen Mulliner beat Matthew Burrow +14tp, +20
Mark McInerney beat Jeremy Dyer +25, -16, +5tpo


Mark McInerney beat Stephen Mulliner +24tp


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