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England retain the Home Internationals

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pictureEngland Team from Left to Right: Marcus Evans, Richard Smith, David Maugham, Ian Lines, Samir Patel (Photo: Samir Patel)

by Samir Patel at Southport and Birkdale
18 June 2012 (AC - Championships)

England retained the Home Internationals during a rain-soaked encounter at Southport and Birkdale Croquet Club

Final Positions

Position Team Matches Rubbers Unfinished Rubbers Games
1 England 3 9 2 22
? Ireland 1.5 7 1 14
? Wales 1 8 0 20
4 Scotland 0.5 3 3 5

England win the Home Internationals with three match wins. As a consequence of the unstarted rubber between Healy (Ireland) and Spalding (Scotland), the positions of Ireland and Wales cannot be determined. Scotland are finish last regardless of unfinished games.

Team Orders

England Ireland Scotland Wales

David Maugham (C)
Marcus Evans
Samir Patel
Ian Lines
RichardM Smith

Andrew Johnston
Simon Williams
Ed Cunningham (C)
Kieran Murphy
Nathaniel Healy

James Hopgood
Martin Murray (C)
David Magee
Campbell Morrison
Bill Spalding

Ian Burridge (C)
David Walters
Chris Williams
Garry McElwain
David Richards

Full Results

England 3 Scotland 0

1 David Maugham beat James Hopgood +26tp +25stp
2 Marcus Evans beat Martin Murray +24tp +11tp
3 Samir Patel beat David Magee +5 +17tp
4 Ian Lines unfinished Campbell Morrison +26tp
5 RichardM Smith unfinished Bill Spalding +9

Ireland 3 Wales 2

1 Andrew Johnston beat Ian Burridge -26tp +16 +6
2 Simon Williams beat David Walters +10, -17, +26p
3 Ed Cunningham lost to Chris Williams -1 -17tp
4 Kieran Murphy lost to Garry McElwain -19 -6
5 Nathaniel Healy beat David Richards -4, +13, +23

England 3 Wales 2

1 David Maugham beat Ian Burridge -17, +12tp, +25tp
2 Marcus Evans lost to David Walters -18tp, +17tp, -4otp
3 Samir Patel lost to Chris Williams +17 -26tp -18
4 Ian Lines beat Garry McElwain +11, +25
5 RichardM Smith beat David Richards +24, +2T

Ireland 2 Scotland 2

1 Andrew Johnston lost to James Hopgood +17tp, -26tp, -12tpo
2 Simon Williams beat Martin Murray +24tp +24tp
3 Ed Cunningham beat David Magee +26tp +24tp
4 Kieran Murphy lost to Campbell Morrison -26
5 Nathaniel Healy not started Bill Spalding

England 3 Ireland 2

1 David Maugham beat Andrew Johnston +17tp, +24
2 Marcus Evans lost to Simon Williams -17 -4
3 Samir Patel lost to Ed Cunningham -26tp -25tp
4 Ian Lines beat Kieran Murphy +26tp, +24
5 RichardM Smith beat Nathaniel Healy +4, +11

Wales 4 Scotland 1

1 Ian Burridge lost to James Hopgood -15tp, -10tp
2 David Walters beat Martin Murray +20, +5tp
3 Chris Williams beat David Magee +24, +25
4 Garry McElwain beat Campbell Morrison +6, +17
5 David Richards beat Bill Spalding +26, +11


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