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Woking Midsummer Handicap Results

[<<] [>>] by Geoffrey Cuttle at Woking Croquet Club
20th June 2012 (AC - Handicap)

Sara Anderson won the Woking Midsummer Handicap Singles and Geoffrey Cuttle & Rod Steel won the Handicap Doubles.

Singles Results

Handicap Difference Play: Games according to Bray Formula

1st : Sara Anderson (6/6}

2nd : Simon Carlsson (4/6 by who beat who then quality of games)

3rd : Nicholas Furze (4/6)

4th : Erica Malaiperuman (4/6)

Round 1

Geoffrey Cuttle beat Rosemary Danby +14

Richard Danby beat Ian McDiarmid +16

Simon Carlsson beat Bill Wood-Roe +5

Gina Lewis beat Rod Steel +2

Michael Hague beat Liz Maltby +11

Sara Anderson beat Erica Malaiperuman +17

Nicholas Furse beat Michael Holland +4t

Round 2

Richard Danby beat Geoffrey Cuttle +11

Gina Lewis beat Simon Carlsson +26

Sara Anderson beat Michael Hague +15

Nicholas Furse beat Rosemary Danby +7

Bill Wood-Roe beat Ian McDiarmid +18

Liz Maltby beat Rod Steel +1t

Erica Malaiperuman beat Michael Holland +13

Round 3

Richard Danby beat Gina Lewis +6

Sara Anderson beat Nicholas Furse +12

Simon Carlsson beat Geoffrey Cuttle +17

Bill Wood-Roe beat Michael Hague +3t

Liz Maltby beat Erica Malaiperuman +1

Rosemary Danby beat Ian McDiarmid +10

Michael Holland beat Rod Steel +7

Round 4

Sara Anderson beat Richard Danby +21

Gina Lewis beat Nicholas Furse +16

Simon Carlsson beat Liz Maltby +15

Geoffrey Cuttle beat Bill Wood-Roe +10

Erica Malaiperuman beat Michael Hague +12

Rosemary Danby beat Michael Holland +12

Rod Steel beat Ian McDiarmid +10

Round 5

Sara Anderson beat Gina Lewis +16

Simon Carlsson beat Richard Danby +4

Nicholas Furse beat Liz Maltby +3

Erica Malaiperuman beat Geoffrey Cuttle +1t

Bill Wood-Roe beat Rosemary Danby +5t

Rod Steel beat Michael Hague +13

Michael Holland beat Ian McDiarmid +8

Round 6

Sara Anderson beat Simon Carlsson +26

Erica Malaiperuman beat Gina Lewis +15

Nicholas Furse beat Richard Danby +14

Doubles Results

Handicap Difference Play: 26 Point Games

Knock Out with consolation games

1st : Geoffrey Cuttle & Rod Steel

Round 1

Holland & Anderson beat McDiarmid & Maltby +5t

Wood-Roe & Lewis beat Danby & Danby +7

Carlson & Malaiperuman beat Furse & Hague +1t

Cuttle & Steel BYE

Round 2

Wood-Roe & Lewis beat Holland & Anderson +11

Cuttle & Steel beat Carlson & Malaiperuman +4t

Danby & Danby beat McDiarmid & Maltby +13

Furse & Hague BYE

Round 3

Cuttle & Steel beat Wood-Roe & Lewis +5t

Holland & Anderson beat Carlson & Malaiperuman +18

Danby & Danby beat Furse & Hague +5

McDiarmid & Maltby BYE


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