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Andrew Webb won the Middlesbrough B-Level

[<<] [>>] by Charles Waterfield at MIddlesbrough Croquet Club
30 june 2012 (AC)

The tournament was played in two blocks, as above; the five rounds established the placings in each block (using wins, followed by net points). At this stage Charles Waterfield and Andrew Webb were block winners, with Peter Thompson and Derek Knight respectively close behind.

The event finished on Sunday afternoon with a single round inter block play-off (A1 vs B1, A2 vs B2, etc) to determine final placings:

Andrew Webb 1st, Charles Waterfield 2nd, Derek Knight 3rd, Peter Thompson 4th
Phil Errington 5th, Peter McDermott 6th, Derek Watts 7th, Andrew Killick 8th
Dennis Scarr 9th, Roger Staples 10th, David Millener 11th, David Turner 12th.

Block A
Charles Waterfield (M'bro) 0.5
David Millener (Belsay) 7
Peter Thompson (Hull) 2
Andrew Killick (M'bro) 5
Phil Errington (Belsay) 2.5
Dennis Scarr (M'bro) 4.5

Block B
Derek Watts (Tyneside) 1.5
David Turner (Belsay) 7
Peter McDermott (M'bro) 2.5
Andrew Webb (Pendle) 4.5
Derek Knight (Beverley) 3
Roger Staples (M'bro) 4

Detailed Results

Round 1
Charles Waterfield beat David Millener +13
Peter Thompson beat Andrew Killick +14
Phil Errington beat Dennis Scarr +10
Derek Watts beat David Turner +24
Peter McDermott lost to Andrew Webb -4
Derek Knight beat Roger Staples +6

Round 2
Charles Waterfield lost to Peter Thompson -3
David Millener lost to Phil Errington -24
Andrew Killick beat Dennis Scarr +15
Derek Watts beat Peter McDermott +12
David Turner lost to Derek Knight -23
Andrew Webb beat Roger Staples +15

Round 3
Charles Waterfield beat Andrew Killick +14
David Millener lost to Dennis Scarr -12
Peter Thompson lost to Phil Errington -7
Derek Watts lost to Andrew Webb -19
David Turner lost to Roger Staples -7
Peter McDermott beat Derek Knight +12

Round 4
Charles Waterfield beat Phil Errington +15
David Millener lost to Andrew Killick -6
Peter Thompson beat Dennis Scarr +14
Derek Watts lost to Derek Knight -20
David Turner lost to Andrew Webb -12
Peter McDermott beat Roger Staples +21

Round 5
Charles Waterfield beat Dennis Scarr +14
David Millener lost to Peter Thompson -19
Andrew Killick beat Phil Errington +3
Derek Watts beat Roger Staples +18
David Turner lost to Peter McDermott -20
Andrew Webb lost to Derek Knight -8

Play-off Round 6
Andrew Webb beat Charles Waterfield +6
Derek Knight beat Peter Thompson +2
Phil Errington beat Peter McDermott +26
Derek Watts beat Andrew Killick +1
Dennis Scarr beat Roger Staples +9
David Millener beat David Turner +18


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