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Eastern Championship Results

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pictureLeft: Finalists David Maugham & Keith Aiton. Right: Plate finalists Robert Wilkinson & Richard Smith (Photo: John Bevington)

by David Maugham at Wrest Park Croquet Club
29 July 2012 (AC - Championships)

The final of this event is still be played: unfortunately a thunderstorm at about 2:30 flooded the lawns. Although it stopped and the sun came out again (and the club was having some success with a manual pump clearing water), it was obvious that the lawns would not be playable for a couple of hours, and there were obvious incoming clouds (which actually arrived and started raining heavily as the manager reached the car park), the decision was taken to abandon play. The Heatherington Salver (Plate) was shared by Richard Smith and Robert Wilkinson, and the final between Keith Aiton and David Maugham will be completed at a later mutually convenient date.

Results so Far


KMH Aiton leads DB Maugham +13otp +25tp

Semi Finals

DB Maugham bt N Mounfield +16 +11tp -26 -17tp +25tp
KMH Aiton bt IG Lines -25tp -25tp +9 +24tp +26tp

Quarter Finals

N Mounfield bt AH Lines +26 +21 +11
DB Maugham bt G Higgins +17tp +22tp +12tpo
IG Lines bt LG Tibble +26tp +13 +20tp
KMH Aiton bt AK Gregory +23tp +26tp +16tp


DB Maugham bt DA Cornelius -16 +17stp +17tp +26
G Higgins bt IG Vincent +5 +8tp +26
IG Lines bt M Ormerod -2 +5 +11(t) +17
LG Tibble bt RM Smith -5 +11 -6tpo +8tp +16
KMH Aiton bt RJ Wilkinson +7 -23tp +10tpo +23tp(3)

Plate Results

Final not played

Plate KO

RJ Wilkinson bt LG Tibble +12tp(3)
RM Smith bt DA Cornelius +15

AH Lines bt AK Gregory +20
M Ormerod bt RM Smith +14(3)
N Mounfield bt DA Cornelius +6
IG Vincent bt AH Lines +11
RJ Wilkinson bt AK Gregory +14
IG Vincent bt DA Cornelius +25
G Higgins bt AH Lines +13
RJ Wilkinson bt M Ormerod +13(3)
RM Smith bt AK Gregory +25tp
RM Smith bt IG Vincent +26
DA Cornelius bt AH Lines +11tp
RJ Wilkinson bt G Higgins +23
LG Tibble bt M Ormerod +21
N Mounfield bt G Higgins +1
AH Lines bt M Ormerod +8


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