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Hurlingham Week Results

[<<] [>>] by Nelson Morrow at The Hurlingham Club
20 August 2012 (AC)

Hurlingham Week Results: Nelson Morrow - Manager

The Silver Jubilee Cup: (K/O Handicap Singles)

Winner: Andrew Rutland (Parsons Green)
R/U: Tim Russell (Roehampton)
3rd: Clare Benson (Hurlingham)

The Bailleu Plate: ( Consolation Swiss)

Winner: Hugh Carlisle ( Hurlingham)
R/U: Mark Ormerod ( Dulwich)

Class Singles: (American Blocks)

The Hurlingham Cup: (Handicaps -1 to 1.5)
Winner: Gabrielle Higgins 7/9 ( Hurlingham)
2nd: Mark Ormerod 7/9 (2TPs)
3rd: Nick Parish 6/9 (2TPs) (Parsons Green)
4th: Nelson Morrow 5/9 (2TPs) (Hurlingham)
5th: Nigel Polhill 5/9 (1TP) (Ealing )
6th: George Noble 4/9 (Surbiton)
7th: Jerry Guest 3/9 (Hurlingham)
8th: Mark Fawcett 3/9 (Sussex)
9th: Mike Hann 3/9 (Roehampton)
10th: Ian Parkinson 2/9 (Surbiton)

The Turner Cup: (Handicaps 1.5 to 4)

Winner: Alan Chance 7/7 (Hurlingham)
2nd: Sam Murray 6/7 (Surbiton)
3rd: David Mumford 5/7 (Woking)
4th: Richard Hoskyns 4/7 (Hurlingham)
5th=: Bob Stephens 2/7 (Hurlingham)
5th=: Nick Furse 2/7 (Surbiton)
5th=: John Taylor 2/7 (Sussex)
8th: John Bowcott 0/7 (Hurlingham)

The Younger Cup: (Handicaps 5 to 7)

Winner: Robert Bateson 6/7 (Guildford & Godalming)
2nd: Arthur Lindley 6/7 (Guildford & Godalming)
3rd: Hugh Carlisle 5/7
4th=: Christine Osmond 3/7 (Surbiton)
4th=: Gina Lewis 3/7 (Woking)
4th=: Peter Browne 3/7 (Hurlingham)
7th: Peter Spiller 2/7 (Hurlingham)
8th: Veronica Carlisle 1/7 (Hurlingham)

The Longworth Cup: (Handicap)

Winner: Clare Benson 6/7 (Hurlingham)
2nd: Philippa Cardale 6/7 (Hurlingham)
3rd: Mike Lambert 5/7 (Surbiton)
4th: John Reynolds 3/7 (Surbiton)
5th: John Malvern 3/7 (Hurlingham)
6th: Carole McLoughlin 2/7 (Ealing)
7th: David Wickham 2/7 (Budleigh Salterton)
8th: David Wedmore 1/7 (Ealing)

The Ladies Field Candlesticks: ( Ladies' Handicap Doubles)

Winner: Sue Davies & Jean Oades (Roehampton)
R/U: Margaret Hampson & Janet Overell (Surbiton)

The Wine Coolers: ( Men's Handicap Doubles)

Winner: Andy Dibben & Mike Lambert (Surbiton)
R/U: Geoff Cuttle & Michael Holland (Woking)


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