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Rachel Rowe won the Cheltenham Advanced Play Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Paul Hands at Cheltenham Croquet lub
27 August 2012 (AC)

Rachel Rowe won the Cheltenham Advanced Play Weekend - managed by David Magee and played as an Egyptian with 4 nominal starting blocks set by AC Handicap - increasing her Tournament Starting Index by the highest margin - and winning lots of games whilst doing so of course !


(in chronological order)

Jane Babbage beat Roger Martin +4
Alwen Bowker beat Chris Donovan +20
Les Bowker beat Rachel Rowe +6
Louise Bradforth beat Nick Saxton +5
Keith Davis beat Peter Moore +20
Dave Foulser beat Lionel Tibble +1
Peter Francis beat Alan Pidcock +5
Jane Hull beat John Morgan +17
Michael James beat Julie Horsley +10
Les Kershaw beat Angela Martin +7
Dave Kibble beat Geoffrey Taylor +5TP
Ray Meads beat Arthur Rowe +10
Dave Mundy beat Paul Swaffield +10
Jaimie Mussi beat Klim Seabright +9
Bruno Pacini beat Gerald Wynn +1
Robin Smith beat Darryl Whitehead +5
Peter Stone beat Amanda Hames-Keward +4
Paul Watson beat Edward Dymock +14
John Wells beat Adam Moliver +6
Andrew Wise beat Graham Roberts +14
Les Bowker beat Jaimie Mussi +24
Edward Dymock beat Chris Donovan +15
Amanda Hames-Keward beat Ray Meads +10
Dave Kibble beat Dave Mundy +10TPO
Adam Moliver beat Keith Davis +10
Peter Moore beat Gerald Wynn +15
Alan Pidcock beat Klim Seabright +25
Arthur Rowe beat Peter Stone +3
Rachel Rowe beat Andrew Wise +16
Paul Swaffield beat Dave Foulser +5
Lionel Tibble beat Geoffrey Taylor +22TP
Paul Watson beat Alwen Bowker +14
John Wells beat Jane Babbage +10
Darryl Whitehead beat Julie Horsley + +23
Arthur Rowe beat Adam Moliver +10
Geoffrey Taylor beat Nick Saxton +5
Louise Bradforth beat Lionel Tibble +13
Klim Seabright beat Les Bowker +16
Rachel Rowe beat Chris Donovan +18
Peter Francis beat Graham Roberts +6
Roger Martin beat Bruno Pacini +2
Robin Smith beat Michael James +3
Angela Martin beat John Morgan +6
Jane Hull beat Les Kershaw +8
Dave Kibble beat Paul Swaffield +17
Dave Foulser beat Dave Mundy +15
Alan Pidcock beat Paul Watson +5
Andrew Wise beat Peter Moore +5
Keith Davis beat Jane Babbage +16
Peter Stone beat Ray Meads +14
Arthur Rowe beat John Wells +22
Jaimie Mussi beat Amanda Hames-Keward +20
Alwen Bowker beat Edward Dymock +8
Gerald Wynn beat Julie Horsley +11
Daryl Whitehead beat Adam Moliver +13
Lionel Tibble beat Chris Donovan +26TP
Louise Bradforth beat Rachel Rowe +10
Jane Hull beat Roger Martin +17
Lionel Tibble beat Peter Francis +20
Paul Swaffield beat Nick Saxton +2
Graham Roberts beat Chris Donovan +23
Adam Moliver beat Bruno Pacini +1
Darryl Whitehead beat Les Kershaw +13
John Wells beat Ray Meads +19
Jaimie Mussi beat Peter Stone +9
Amanda Hames-Keward beat Arthur Rowe + 17
Dave Mundy beat Lionel Tibble +23
Peter Moore beat Les Bowker +13
Robin Smith beat John Morgan +8
Rachel Rowe beat Alwen Bowker +20
Klim Seabright beat Keith Davis +14
Jane Babbage beat Gerald Wynn +1
Geoffrey Tayloe beat Alan Pidcock +4
Louise Bradforth beat Andrew Wise +10
Edward Dymock beat Peter Francis +3
Paul Watson beat Graham Roberts +7
Dave Kibble beat Dave Foulser +4TP
Angela Martin beat Julie Horsley +5
Arthur Rowe beat Michael James +19
Amanda Hames-Keward beat John Wells +3
Chris Donovan beat Dave Mundy +15
Lionel Tibble beat Paul Swaffield +12TPO
Darryl Whitehead beat Ray Meads +15
Alwen Bowker beat Arthur Rowe +8
Rachel Rowe beat Nick Saxton +19
Dave Kibble beat Peter Moore +17
Paul Swaffield beat Chris Donovan +10
Dave Foulser beat Edward Dymock +5TP
Lionel Tibble beat Nick Saxton +16
Dave Mundy beat Nick Saxton +26
Lionel Tibble beat Dave Kibble +26TP
Geoffrey Taylor beat Dave Foulser +3
Paul Swaffield beat Louise Bradforth +2
Jaimie Mussi beat Alwen Bowker +12
Peter Moore beat Graham Roberts +3
Les Bowker beat Chris Donovan +3
Rachel Rowe beat Paul Watson +19
Edward Dymock beat Alan Pidcock +11
Peter Francis beat Andrew Wise +3
Arthur Rowe beat Keith Davis +7
Klim Seabright beat John Wells +16
Peter Stone beat Jane Babbage +17
Gerald Wynn beat Amanda Hames-Keward +6
Robin Smith beat Jane Hull +1
Ray Meads beat Bruno Pacini +4
Roger Martin beat Adam Moliver +3
Julie Horsley beat Les Kershaw +1
Darryl Whitehead versus John Morgan +13
Michael James beat Angela Martin +5
Jane Hull beat Angela Martin +7
Ray Meads beat Jane Babbage +12
Geoffrey Taylor beat Paul Swaffield +7
Gerald Wynn beat Keith Davis +1
Dave Kibble beat Nick Saxton +24TP
Robin Smith beat Les Kershaw +5
Chris Donovan beat Arthur Rowe +16
Lionel Tibble beat David Magee +3
Louise Bradforth beat Paul Watson +4
Alwen Bowker beat Andrew Wise +1
Peter Francis beat Peter Moore +12
Adam Moliver beat Michael James +13
John Wells beat Roger Martin +22
Les Bowker beat Graham Roberts +24
Klim Seabright beat Amanda Hames-Keward +17
Darryl Whitehead beat Bruno Pacini +16
Rachel Rowe beat Jaimie Mussi +22
Julie Horsley beat John Morgan +5


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