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GC Inter-County Championship - Participating players

[<<] [>>] by Dr Tim King at Sussex County Croquet Club
2012-09-15 (GC - Championships)

County Players

Tom Weston [1] (by residency)
William Ormerod [1] (by residency)
Kath Burt [2] (by birth)
Tess Burt [3] (by birth)
Keith Southern [3] (by residency)


Kevin Ham [2] (by birth)
Les Bowker [2] (by previous)
Alwen Bowker [2] (by previous)
Tudor Jenkins [2] (by birth)


Roger Barnacle [0] (by residency)
Nigel Hinde [0] (by residency)
Roy Tillcock [1] (by residency)
Alan Truckel [1] (by birth)
Richard Harris [2] (by residency)
Robin Thornton [2] (by residency)
David Willett [3] (by birth)


David Dray [0] (by birth)
James Goodbun [0] (by birth)
Tobi Savage [1] (by residency)
Graham Wallin [1] (by residency)


Tim King [0] (by club)
Ray Mounfield [1] (by birth)
Mike O'Brian [1] (by club)
Christine Mounfield [2] (by residency)
David Bell [3] (by residency)


John Spiers [1] (by previous)
Chris Roberts [1] (by residency)
Charlie Von Schmieder [1] (by residency)
Terje Johansen [1] (by residency)
Helena Fensome [2] (by residency)


Jim Gregory [0] (by birth)
Jim Field [1] (by birth)
Peter Dyke [2] (by birth)
Jonathan Isaacs [3] (by birth)


Dick Strover [1] (by residency)
Paul Strover [1] (by residency)
Jock Strover [2] (by club)
Jane Collier [2] (by previous)
Mike Percival [2] (by residency)


Howard Cheyne [0] (by birth)
Nick Cheyne [0] (by birth)
Don Beck [0] (by club)
Mike Town [1] (by birth)
Stephen Harbron [3] (by residency)


Alan Cottle [0] (by residency)
Mark Hamilton [0] (by residency)
Bill Arliss [1] (by residency)
Richard Brooks [1] (by birth)
Keith Webb [2] (by residency)

Worcestershire & Gloucestershire

Ivor Brand [0] (by residency)
Richard Brand [2] (by residency)
Richard Raby [5] (by residency)
Jackie Raby [6] (by residency)

Yorkshire & Durham

Jacob Carr [0] (by birth)
Samantha Thompson [1] (by residency)
Freda Vitty [1] (by birth)
Fergus Thompson [3] (by residency)


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