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GB beat USA 13-8 - The Solomon Trophy

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16th October 2012 (International)

The Solomon Trophy has been won by a strong GB team with a day in hand at Bald Head Island, NC, USA.

Captain, Keith Aiton said "the facilities provided for the recent Solomon Trophy at the Bald Head Island Club were truly outstanding. Anyone who has played in the USA is used to excellent hospitality, but they also provided fast lawns (14-15 seconds), a completely smooth consistent surface, and firm hoops - basically the 'holy grail' of top class croquet."

Watch the video on YouTube.


Great Britain USA
1 James Death 1 Ben Rothman
2 David Maugham 2 Chris Patmore
3 Jamie Burch 3 Danny Huneycutt (Captain)
4 Keith Aiton (Captain) 4 Rich Lamm
5 Marcus Evans 5 Doug Grimsley
6 Stephen Mulliner 6 Jim Bast


Grimsley & Rothman lost to Evans & Maugham -26tp(E), -26tp(E)
Bast & Huneycutt lost to Death & Mulliner -13, +7oqp(D), -6
Lamm & Patmore lost to Aiton & Burch -17tp(A), -24tp(A)
Grimsley & Rothman lost to Death & Mulliner -13, -26tp(D)
Bast & Huneycutt beat Aiton & Burch +7, +5tp(H)
Lamm & Patmore lost to Evans & Maugham -11, -22tp(E)
Ben Rothman beat David Maugham +26tp, -26tp, +26tp
Chris Patmore beat James Death -17stp, +12, +14otp
Danny Huneycutt beat Keith Aiton +26, +2tp
Rich Lamm lost to Jamie Burch -5tp, -25tp
Doug Grimsley lost to Stephen Mulliner +17, -13tpo, -26tp
Jim Bast lost to Marcus Evans -26, -25tp
Grimsley & Rothman lost to Aiton & Burch -7tp(B), -16tp(A)
Bast & Huneycutt lost to Evans & Maugham +17, -14tp(M), -22
Lamm & Patmore lost to Death & Mulliner -9, -5tp(D)
Ben Rothman lost to James Death -23sxp, +11, -8dpo
Chris Patmore beat David Maugham +17, -26tp, +26tp
Danny Huneycutt beat Jamie Burch +17tp, +26tp
Rich Lamm beat Keith Aiton +26tp, +10
Doug Grimsley beat Marcus Evans +21tp, +4
Jim Bast lost to Stephen Mulliner -26tp, -12tpo


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