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Mark Avery won the Southwick April Weekend

[<<] [>>] by Chris Constable at Sussex County
7 April 2013 (AC)

Round 1
Nick Mounfield beat David Cook +18tp
Tom Weston beat Mary Knapp +8
Jolyon Creasey beat Alan Cottle +9
Gabrielle Higgins beat Richard Jackson +24
Sam Murray beat Mark Hamilton +23
Jeff Dawson beat Tudor Jenkins +26
Martin French beat David Parkins +16
John Daniels beat Paul Wolff +7(t)
Robert Alexander beat Avril Rangoni-Machiavelli +15
Mark Fawcett beat Philip Mann +16

Round 2
James Hopgood beat Jon Palin +23tp
Phil Eardley beat Nigel Polhill +11
Tom Weston beat Nick Mounfield +11tpo
Gabrielle Higgins beat Jolyon Creasey +23
Jeff Dawson beat Sam Murray +18
Martin French beat John Daniels +22
Mark Fawcett beat Robert Alexander +21
Mark Avery beat Luc Berthouze +24

Quarter finals
James Hopgood beat Phil Eardley +23 -12 +24tp
Gabrielle Higgins beat Tom Weston +11 +15
Jeff Dawson beat Martin French +3(t) +25tp
Mark Avery beat Mark Fawcett +26tp +25tp

Semi finals
James Hopgood beat Gabrielle Higgins +16 +24tp
Mark Avery beat Jeff Dawson +3 +26tp

Mark Avery beat James Hopgood +17 -12 +16tp

Consolation Egyptian was won by Luc Berthouze
Mark Avery beat Tudor Jenkins +26
Luc Berthouze beat Richard Jackson +24
David Parkins beat Jon Palin +22
Philip Mann beat David Cook +13
Mark Avery beat Mary Knapp +26tp
Nigel Polhill beat Tudor Jenkins +18
Mark Avery beat Paul Wolff +20
Mary Knapp beat David Cook +1(t)
Luc Berthouze beat Philip Mann +15
Robert Alexander beat Richard Jackson +3(t)
Nick Mounfield beat Sam Murray +15
Tudor Jenkins beat Jon Palin +7
Nigel Polhill beat Paul Wolff +16
Luc Berthouze beat John Daniels +9
Sam Murray beat Nigel Polhill +13
Nick Mounfield beat Paul Wolff +18
Nigel Polhill beat Tom Weston +8(t)
Phil Eardley beat Sam Murray +2(t)
John Daniels beat Richard Jackson +3(t)
Robert Alexander beat Jon Palin +15
David Parkins beat Tudor Jenkins +4
David Cook beat Paul Wolff +11(t)
Nick Mounfield beat Philip Mann +18
Luc Berthouze beat Mary Knapp +8
Mark Fawcett beat Jolyon Creasey +8
Nick Mounfield beat Martin French +17
Jon Palin beat Philip Mann +2
Robert Alexander beat Jolyon Creasey +6
Luc Berthouze beat Mark Fawcett +12
John Daniels beat Sam Murray +23
Tom Weston beat Tudor Jenkins +3
David Parkins beat Mary Knapp +17
Phil Eardley beat Richard Jackson +16
David Cook beat Nigel Polhill +4(t)
Martin French beat Paul Wolff +22
Luc Berthouze beat Jon Palin +16


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